Introducing CommPow

St Andrew's Cathedral School Foundation has partnered with CommPow to raise funds for Gawura and the Phillip Heath Scholarship Fund.

CommPow aims to connect school communities online, and empower them to save on everyday essentials. By bringing school communities together, CommPow can negotiate significant savings through collective buying power. This generates savings for members, but also a percentage of every dollar spent is reinvested straight back into the SACS Foundation.

Join the CommPow Community.

1. Register today at

2. Click join the school community and register as either a parent or staff member

3. Select "St Andrew's Cathedral School" when registering the school name

Your registration will take 4-10 minutes to come through. Then you can enjoy the variety of exclusive discounts CommPow have negotiated. Remember for every offer you accept, CommPow will direct part of the transaction back to the SACS Foundation.

CommPow's discounts are only available to school communities, not the general public, making it a unique business model.

Any enquiries can be directed to:

File Download: