Meet our Senior school captains for 2017

We spoke to the 2016-17 school captains Lily Meek and Anthony Segaert and asked them some questions about their role, their interests and future ambitions.

Words by Lucy Robson

Why did you choose to apply to be school captain?

Lily: I chose to apply because I’m really passionate about St Andrew's. It is my eighth school and I’ve never felt so enthusiastically about a school before and the atmosphere and everybody in it. I knew I was willing to put effort into improving and serving the school in any way I could.

Anthony: I love my school and I think being in the leadership team is a great opportunity to be able to serve our school really well and to create positive change especially in the school culture. We saw some positive changes with the last few teams that we’ve had and that made me realise how much leaders can impact our school and the great difference they can make – it inspired me to be part of positive changes at the school.

What variety of things will you be doing as school captains?

Lily: One of the main things I’m trying to push forward is this great concept of “SACS pride” and I think that has grown a lot in the last year. We’ve got a great thriving community where SACS Pride is exerted throughout the school and everyone knows to turn up to events and cheer loudly and to be positive and enthusiastic and accepting of everybody. I think the last leadership team got that down pat but what I’d like to see and do as school captain is to broaden that SACS Pride into the community. So SACS Pride should be standing up for people on buses and picking up rubbish in the Square; it should be talking to people in need and doing charity events. It should not just exist in St Andrew’s but it should be something you put on and embrace every day of your life.

Anthony: To follow that up with an example, today I got here at 7.30am, and we had a class and by 8.30am, we were welcoming the new Year 7s for Orientation Day. We gave a speech welcoming them and telling them ‘everything is okay and you’ll have lots of fun here!’ and then took them up to level 6 and chatted with them. At recess, our Year 12 Cru group was making cheese toasties for everyone in our grade, as part of our mission to impact our grade with Jesus’ love. Then at lunchtime, I was with the Middle School Cru and other people were selling candy canes for the school charity TEAR. It’s very busy for everyone in our team but it’s a lot of fun as well.

What do you most want to achieve in the role?

Lily: School life is a cycle and I think it’s important to keep reaffirming the SACS culture and doing all the things that have been working at SACS in the leadership area. But there are new things that we can introduce, building upon the SACS Pride foundation. Overall, the role will always be to try to reach out to all students and act as a communication link, ensuring they are happy and like SACS because we did and that got us here.

Anthony: I think one of the most rewarding parts for everyone in our team is just talking to people and getting to know them, having relationships with people we wouldn’t normally get to know, and especially younger years and to be able to say ‘hi’ to them. When you know people in other years, it strengthens your relationship with them and it makes our school feel more like a community and family. We have got big things planned for 2017, with a lot of exciting stuff to do with SACS Pride. We also have a Facebook page which keeps everyone updated with what we are doing. (Like us at St Andrew's Pride Department – SAPD)

What are your personal interests inside and outside of school?

Lily: I’m a massive drama nerd; I love watching musicals and films, and I like reading as well because I’m also a massive humanities nerd. One of the things that I have been trying to do to combat study stress is to watch a movie once a week – just to distress and relax.
Anthony: I’m a big news geek and I love the news and current affairs – I love keeping up to date with everything. I’m also very passionate about the humanities subjects – I love English, history, economics, legal studies and I’m learning French, which is a constant challenge. What I especially is applying what we learn inside the classroom, especially in economics, because I learn so much from it.  
What academic subjects are you studying?
Lily: I’m doing Drama, English Advanced, English Extension 1, English Extension 2, Modern History, Ancient History and Society and Culture.
Anthony: I’m doing English Advanced, English Extension 1, English extension 2, Modern History, History Extension, Economics, Legal Studies and French.  
Have you got any thoughts on what you’ll do after Year 12?
Lily: I’d love to get into film. The reason I’d love to get involved in directing and producing movies is that I see there is an ability to impact people on a large and unique scale. One of the things that draws me to film is its ability to create a completely imaginative and creative work that can reach out and touch someone, to share a worldly message or a personal message, or something that touches people on a whole new level. It would be cool to be able to construct something like that and work with something creative.
Anthony: I’m really interested in journalism and education. It’s been a dream of mine for a while to get into journalism and share news in such a changing media landscape. I’m also passionate about education - especially seeing the amazing education we’ve got here at St Andrew’s and what a difference that has made in my life – academically and personally. To be able to have a positive impact on people would be such a privilege.  


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