Senior College (10-12)

Welcome to our Senior College

Preparing students for life beyond school

Spanning from Year 10 to Year 12, the St Andrew’s Cathedral School Senior College is focussed on preparing students for their final exams and, ultimately, for life. With its coeducational ethos and cosmopolitan Sydney city backdrop, the Senior College offers students a real life experience to prepare them for the world beyond the classroom. 

Responsible and independent students

The Senior College at St Andrew’s Cathedral School continually works towards developing responsibility and independence in the students’ final school years. We achieve this by being relational in all aspects of the academic, pastoral and cultural life of the school. Responsibility cannot be encouraged without some freedom; however it must also be encouraged through a framework of positive choices for the future. We want our young people to be in a position to contribute to their world when they leave us. In the final years of school at St Andrew’s, the character, integrity and sense of justice of our students are as important as a good ATAR. 

A large community with a broad range of study options

Our co-educational Senior College caters for more students than any other section of the school. A larger Senior College is appropriate for 15 to 18 year olds, where it may have been too imposing for students of Junior or Middle School ages. As students grow and mature, they are able to exercise choice more effectively. A bigger community allows the Senior College to offer a broad range of subjects that suit these options. Students have a range of educational choices within either the International Baccalaureate (IB) or Higher School Certificate (HSC).


Campus culture and structure

Bishop Barry Centre (BBC) Campus

The Senior College campus is located at 51 Druitt Street and offers many specialist areas and space to study in either quiet spaces or seminar rooms and flexible social areas that encourage connections with other students and staff. The unique pre-tertiary environment of Senior College is as a result of its campus structure and city-based location.

Senior Research Centre (College Library)

Housed on Level 3 of the Bishop Barry Centre in Druitt Street, SACS Senior Research Centre consists of study areas for students in Senior College, as well as a selection of HSC and IB resources, and a small range of fiction. The area provides spaces for students to work individually or collaboratively in small groups. Four small study rooms provide spaces for students to work together on projects and not disturb others. Students have access to desktop computers and facilities to recharge their technology. The Senior Research Centre is staffed and open to students from 8am to 5.15pm Monday to Thursday, closing at 4pm on Fridays.  

Timetable structure

St Andrew’s Senior College has continually honed its timetable structure to match the needs of students, as they reach the final years of school life. Based on research findings that students learn most effectively in the morning, pastoral periods are strategically scheduled for the time slot just before lunchtime, allowing students to maximise their learning potential in the mornings. Similarly, study skills workshops are scheduled for strategic times over the course of the three senior years, not just in Year 12 or before important exam periods. 

School House structure

St Andrew's has eight school houses which function as concentrated centres of care, monitoring and shaping academic progress as well as growth, development and stable networks of support. The implementation of this house based pastoral structure allows for close interaction between all three year groups of the Senior College, which is at the core of the community’s close knit nature.

Culture of care and belonging

The St Andrew’s Senior College is a highly relational environment. This means that we place great value on a genuine sense of care and belonging for all students, as well as the formation of strong pastoral relationships between teachers and students. We also strive to help each student feel confident in their own academic ability by providing as much academic support as possible, along with a clear and consistent structure for work standards.

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