Visual Art

Visual Arts is taught to students at St Andrews from Year 7 to Year 12. Students learn about problem solving, self-expression and understanding of creative expression in a highly visual world. Students learn that they are not only critical consumers of visual culture, but they can also influence it and become part of an evolving culture.

Visual Arts Mediums

Students work in a range of mediums including traditional painting and drawing, sculpture, digital software, photography and film.  

Teaching Methods

Our philosophy is to encourage the student to develop their own authentic visual ‘voice’. This approach reflects the St Andrew’s ethos of nurturing individuals and is a reflection of the diversity of our students – their work is as diverse as they are. Students work with increasingly open briefs, from Year 7 where they work to teacher directed activities through to Years 11 and 12 where projects are mainly self-directed.

The students’ work comes from a special place within them, and there is a story behind each body of work. It is not just intended to be visually engaging, but is a genuine reflection of the students, and shows that they do question the world around them. This assists the student to develop confidence in visual expression.

First Class Facilities

From 2012 St Andrew’s students will enjoy new, architect-designed visual art facilities including:

  • Multi-purpose art studios
  • A Year 11 and 12 HSC/IB art studio
  • A new multi-media/digital studio
  • Student recreational space for reflection, creative thinking and reading

Inspiration from the City

St Andrew’s location in Sydney’s city centre is ideal. We make the most of our city environment to access galleries as well as generate ideas and inspiration from the city and harbour on our doorstep.

Careers from Visual Arts

Many students leave St Andrew’s and continue their studies in visual arts, digital media, graphic design and film making. Visual arts also give students a broad range of design and problem solving skills that will support them in many careers, giving them a way of thinking that will serve them well, no matter what their chosen career.

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