On Tour: Updates from Greece and Rome

Across School / 17 April 2012

Since the end of Term 1, a team of St Andrew’s music students from across the school (38 to be exact), have been taking part in what will surely be a defining moment of their schooling experience, performing across Italy and Greece in our much anticipated 2012 music tour. Their practised-to-perfection repertoire of works (some specially commissioned for SACS from renowned Australian composers, as well as former students) are being showcased in spectacular locations, from Nafpilon’s ancient town square and Ancient Olympia in Greece to Mass gatherings in Italy’s Basilica San Francesco Assisi and Basilica San Pietro.

An indication of just how well-received these performances have been came recently from Corfu, where Marion Andrioti and her daughters watched our students at St George’s Church at the Old Fortress. In a thank you email, the audience member commented: “What a diverse and entertaining programme, a real delight! We enjoyed every moment; in fact I would say it was the highlight of our Easter. We hope you had a great time in Greece”.

Rachel Karrour (Year 12), Captain of Music at SACS, has been gathering the thoughts of fellow students as they traverse through the crisp whites, dense blues and incredible history of the Mediterranean. In her spare moments on tour – and with so much to cram in, there certainly aren’t many – she has been emailing through snippets from students, a tour diary of sorts. Now, we share the first of them with you.

Just before take-off: Pre trip thoughts

“I’m looking forward to hanging out with friends in a foreign country and seeing beautiful things. I am so excited about all the amazing places we will be performing in.” – Liam West, Year 11

 “I’m so excited just to go overseas and perform in all the different venues; most excited for the Vatican City and hopefully to meet the pope. I hope I don’t get sick or lose my voice because we’re performing everywhere! My favourite song [that we are playing] is Grant Us Peace.” – Jacqueline Ingram, Year 12

“I’m looking forward to exploring the different cultures and attractions of Greece and Italy!” – Sophia Li, Year 10

Performing and exploring: A few days in

“It’s so much fun to perform with everyone and get to know other people. Also Greece is just so different! Walking around with all the street signs in another language, the traffic light men are different; the whole culture is different! I loved going to the Parthenon and not only exploring the ruins but getting to learn about the history of it, and see all the statues at the museum. The hotel and the food has been so good!  To everyone back home: I am having so much fun, I miss you but I’ll see you soon!” – Rachel Woolley, Year 9

“The Parthenon was an amazing experience, seeing the ancient culture of the Greeks. The fact that, in modern times we are unable to create a replica of the Parthenon makes it very unique. It opened up my views on Greek culture and history and I will remember it forever. I was in awe of not just the size, but the unknown process in which it was made. So far in Greece I have liked the food, the different culture, and the mix between ancient and modern buildings.” – Pat Harrison, Year 10

Keep checking on the SACS website for more On Tour updates!

Thank you to Rachel and parent Mr Leo Grey for his photos.

Click here to go to our tour page and download our tour brochure. In it you can read the messages of support from The Hon Peter Garrett AM MP, The Consul General of Italy in Sydney, and the Consul for Education Affairs and Consulate General in Greece.

Introduction: Laura Bannister

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