Chaplaincy team

The role of the chaplaincy team is to teach and demonstrate the Christian faith in action, providing a strong network of care and support for all students at St Andrew’s.

Through a wealth of programs spanning Christian Development classes, chapel services, Crusader groups, voluntary camps and charity work with inner city churches and volunteer groups, St Andrew’s students are encouraged to learn about the Christian faith and to lead a life that helps and serves others in their community.

Meet the chaplaincy team:

The Reverend Peter Wrench is the Senior Chaplain. He trained initially as a lawyer and then worked as an Assistant Minister with the Anglican Church in Beverly Hills. He then was employed as an Assistant Chaplain at Trinity Grammar School for almost 10 years and at the end of 2016 was appointed as the Senior Chaplain at SACS.

The Rev Sam Hwang has worked as a pastor at St Andrew’s Anglican Church Strathfield, was the Secondary School Chaplain at SCECGS Redlands, and currently is the Assistant Chaplain at SACS, coordinating the Christian Development program. He mainly works with our Senior College students and across Years 7-12.

Miss Anna Owen was previously a maths teacher and then Assistant Chaplain at The Armidale School and Calrossy Anglican School in Tamworth prior to her role at SACS. She teaches across K-12 but primarily looks after Middle School classes and coordinates our Crusader groups and camps. 

Mr Daniel Mallison initially studied psychology and worked as a Behavioural Therapist before going into ministry as a Youth Pastor at Macquarie Chapel Presbyterian Church. Daniel worked at Pacific Hills Christian School in Special Education and now teaches Christian Development from Years 7-12 at SACS.

Mrs Emma Newling works with our Junior School students, teaching Christian Development and coordinating the Cru groups.

Mr Nigel Kleinveldt is our staff chaplain. He also teaches in the Specialised Learning Department (EALD) K-6.

Mr Derek Cheng teaches Christian Development classes across the secondary school, assists with secondary school chapel services, and trains the student leaders of our CRU groups. Before coming to SACS he worked in engineering and then as a church youth pastor in Milsons Point.

Mrs Judy Chu runs our chapels for international students from China.

Each year we also have Christian Ministry trainees who are in Year 13 or interested in Schools’ Christian Ministry. They are part of a specifically designed Alex Abbottsmith Scholarship and work in ministries across K-12. The Year 13 students also attend the Year 13 Anglican Youthworks program. Pictured is 2018 trainee Emily Arnold.