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Christian education at St Andrew’s is both a curriculum based subject (Christian Development) and an unwritten philosophy; a way of relating with others that permeates all facets of school life. Authentic Christian values underpin our philosophies of teaching and learning, while meeting for chapel each week allows students to think about God and the big questions of life.

Christian Development

Christian Development (CD) classes, taught from Kindergarten to Year 12, offer a more structured forum for students to learn further about not only Christianity, but also broader ethical principles and other major faith systems, thinking critically about their role in modern societies.

Christian Development classes are specifically tailored in structure and content across different age groups to reflect the cognitive level of students and challenge them appropriately in their skills of higher order thinking. In earlier years, for example, CD introduces students to the fundamentals of Christianity. As they progress into older years, though, more sophisticated themes of ethics, alternate world beliefs and social justice begin to emerge, encouraging students to analyse issues of faith in the broader cultural zeitgeist. In the Senior College, Christian Development classes assume a more discussion-based structure, and encourage students to understand a range of ethical philosophies in a modern context.

The core principle underpinning Christian Development at St Andrew’s seeks to encourage our students to explore Christianity and other world beliefs in the context of a fast-paced multi-faith society.

Below, you can find a downloadable PDF of the Christian Development syllabus across Years 7 to 12 and also K-6, detailing some of the major themes covered with each year group.


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CD program Years 7-12

CD program K-6