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Meet our Head of School

Dr John Collier

Welcome to our website, a snapshot of the vitality of education at St Andrew’s Cathedral School.

From the first day of Kindergarten, to the graduation ceremony of Year 12, our school takes its students on a true journey of the heart.

Learning in the heart of the city

For over 130 years, St Andrew’s Cathedral School has guided students to develop academic excellence,  a passion for learning and a degree of higher order thinking that goes beyond the curriculum, in an environment that is uniquely shaped by our city location. Conveniently located adjacent to the magnificent buildings of the Sydney Town Hall and St Andrew’s Cathedral, and close to major train, bus and ferry routes, our school attracts students from over 200 suburbs in Sydney.

Founded on Christian values

As an Anglican school, St Andrew’s is grounded in meaningful, faith-driven Christian values and is dedicated to ensuring the holistic development of our students. Our proud heritage of partnership with the Cathedral represents the strong link between the school and the Anglican Church and our firm foundation as a Christian community – one that is diverse and inclusive.

Cultivating arts, sport and community spirit

Our internationally acclaimed music program, which has flourished since our beginnings as a Cathedral Choir school over 12 decades ago, offers opportunities for both gifted and enthusiastic students. This, in turn, has led to an impressive culture of involvement in other aspects of the school, including sport, performing arts and community service.

Nurturing hearts, minds and lives

St Andrew’s is grounded in values that nurture the individual, promoting personal wellbeing and cross-cultural understanding in a tolerant environment, where values of grace, integrity and justice are upheld.

An invitation to visit

This website is only a small sample of the warmth and diversity at St Andrew’s. I invite you to visit our dynamic campus and take a Head of School tour to see firsthand how our students are empowered in their learning.

Dr John Collier

Head of School 

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