About Us

Vision and Mission

As an independent, coeducational Anglican school in the Sydney Diocese, St Andrew’s Cathedral School is governed by a strong set of overarching principles


Our vision is to inspire students to be passionate, creative learners who engage with the message of Christ and fully develop their gifts and abilities in order to serve in the world.


St Andrew’s Cathedral School is a leading city-based, globally connected learning community that seeks to be authentically Christian.

Core Values

Seeking to honour and follow Jesus Christ, we will:

  • Depend on the Holy Spirit for wisdom and guidance, to act in conformity to the teaching of scripture as God’s word
  • Exercise Godly virtues such as grace, integrity and justice
  • Emphasise the worth of each person, individually and in community
  • Strive to grow whole people (spiritually, intellectually, physically, in creative expression and in wisdom).

How we implement our vision, mission and core values:

Personal growth and caring for others

At the heart of St Andrew’s are the people who make it happen. We recognise the worth and individual nature of every student, encouraging and celebrating personal expression. Students at SACS are challenged to engage in unselfish service to others and respond to human need – whether far away, in foreign communities, or on their own doorstep in the city. We seek to develop in students a respect of human freedom and individuality, responsible decision-making and wise, ethical standards and a maturity of spirit that enables physical, social and mental wellbeing.

Our engagement with the city – as well as St Andrew’s Cathedral itself, home to community gatherings such as inter-grade assemblies – strives to be meaningful. We are constantly building networks and partnerships with city organisations, be it soup kitchens that serve the homeless, art galleries or legal and business centres. Our Christian worldview seeks to engage students to look at the future with a sense of optimism, to be outward looking and forward thinking, equipping them with the confidence and resilience they need to succeed post-school.

Being true to our values in everything we do

The core values of SACS are embedded into all aspects of life at school – codes of conduct and wellbeing policies seek to ensure each individual is cared for and given the potential to grow and flourish. As a strongly relational school, treating others with grace, integrity and in a context of fairness and justice is fundamental: this happens in relationships between students and staff.

2020 SACS Annual Report

St Andrew’s Strategic Plan 2020-2024:

Our 2020-2024 Strategic Plan was created in consultation with a large number of our St Andrew’s Cathedral School Community. Please read it here.



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