St Andrew's Cathedral School


The Gawura Scholarship Fund

The St Andrew’s Cathedral School Foundation – Gawura Scholarship Fund supports our Gawura K-6 school for First Nations students, and First Nations Scholarships for Years 7-12 at St Andrew’s Cathedral School.

Gawura is a primary day school for First Nations children living in Sydney. Gawura delivers an intensive programme of literacy and numeracy development in a vibrant environment that celebrates and strengthens Indigenous culture. Based in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, Gawura was set up in 2007 by St Andrew’s Cathedral School. It became a school in it’s own right in 2011. As students “graduate” from the Gawura Primary programme, they are offered scholarships at St Andrew’s Cathedral School for their Secondary education. Your tax-deductible donation will help us provide the life-changing gift of a quality education for these deserving students.

St Andrew’s Cathedral School Building Fund

The St Andrew’s Cathedral School Foundation Building Fund provides an important source of funding for capital projects. Your tax-deductible donation goes directly to support building plans, allowing us to continually improve the facilities at St Andrew’s Cathedral School to meet the emerging needs and challenges in contemporary education.

In 2022, we are raising funds to renovate our iconic playground on the roof of St Andrew’s House.