COVID-19 (Coronavirus) information

Updated on 23 April 2021

 COVID-19 SAFETY Measures |

Safety measures

General measures
  • We are actively monitoring and following health advice, including from NSW Health, the NSW Department of Education and the Association of Independent Schools NSW.
  • Our school activities and operations are adjusted regularly in accordance with health advice and local circumstances to ensure that they are conducted in a way that is safe and appropriate in the current environment.
  • We remain vigilant in relation to infection control, personal hygiene, physical distancing and record keeping protocols to protect the health and safety of students, staff, visitors and members of our community.
  • All adults within our school including staff, service providers, parents and visitors are required to maintain 1.5 metres physical distance from other adults where practicable.
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols remain in place throughout the school.
  • The school promotes good hand and respiratory hygiene practices including regular hand washing, avoiding shared food or drinks and appropriate cough and sneeze etiquette.
  • Hand-washing facilities, soap, hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes are widely available throughout the school.
  • External visitors are permitted on the school site when following the COVID-19 requirements for visitors, however, maximum capacity limits for gatherings are observed in accordance with relevant Public Health Orders. The school will specifically invite parents and other guests to on-site events and activities where and when they can attend in person, subject to COVID-19 safety requirements.
  • Businesses and organisations delivering services and programs within our school must have a COVID-19 Safety Plan where relevant.
For students
  • Students must NOT attend school if feeling unwell, even if they have the mildest flu-like symptoms.
  • Students with flu-like symptoms need to be tested and provide a copy of a negative COVID-19 test result and be symptom-free before being permitted to return to school.
  • Where a medical practitioner determines that a COVID-19 test is not required, documentation from the medical practitioner must be provided to the school to confirm that the student does not have symptoms that warrant a COVID-19 test. The certificate must also indicate that the student is able to return to school.
  • Evidence of a negative COVID-19 test result, or documentation from a medical practitioner as described above, must be emailed to the relevant School Reception before the student returns to school:

Kindergarten – Year 6: [email protected]
Year 7 – 9: [email protected]
Year 10 – 12: [email protected]

  • Further information for families regarding school attendance and the requirement for COVID-19 testing is available on the Department of Education website at
  • All students are encouraged to maintain excellent hand hygiene, cover coughs and sneezes with their elbow or a tissue, place used tissues straight into the bin, avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth and not share food or drink.
For parents and visitors
  • We respectfully ask parents and visitors not to attend the school site if unwell, even with the mildest of COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Parents and visitors are required to comply with our sign-in arrangements including checking in on arrival using the Service NSW QR Code on display. Our staff can assist with check-in procedures where required. The school has unique QR Codes in place at each of our major school buildings to ensure targeted contact tracing if required.
  • Parent lanyards are no longer valid.
  • Parents and visitors should maintain 1.5 metres physical distance from other adults when on the school site (including at school drop-off and pick-up times) where practicable.
  • Parents and visitors should comply with all signage and directions from staff regarding physical distancing, health and hygiene measures while on the school site.
  • Non-contact greetings are encouraged, such as not shaking hands.
  • All visitors to the school site should maintain good hand hygiene throughout their visit. Hand-washing facilities, soap and hand sanitiser are readily available.
  • COVID-19 Safety Plans are required to be in place for certain events and activities, particularly those that involve gatherings of large numbers of people other than staff and students.
  • External providers must have a COVID-19 Safety Plan where appropriate.
  • Parents and visitors are permitted on the school site when following the COVID-19 requirements for visitors, however maximum capacity limits for gatherings are observed in accordance with relevant Public Health Orders.
  • As a general rule, the school currently asks parents and carers (including prospective parents) to only come onto the school site for specific purposes or by invitation to specific events including:

– to attend meetings with teachers and/or school executives

– to attend organised tours or orientation activities

– to collect their child if they are unwell

– to purchase or collect uniforms

– to attend certain events at the invitation of the school provided that the event can be hosted while maintaining a COVID-safe environment.