Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through the most frequently asked questions we receive from prospective families who are considering enrolling their children at St Andrew’s Cathedral School. These should answer many of your questions, however you are most welcome to contact our enrolments team if you would like further information. Please call 02 9286 9579 or email [email protected]


Where is St Andrew’s Cathedral School located?

We are located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, in Sydney Square, just a one minute walk from Town Hall train station.

Do you have school buses?

Our location means this is not necessary. St Andrew’s is uniquely placed above one of the city’s main transport hubs, which connects to all parts of the Cityrail network via train. We are also close to many bus routes, particularly from the Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, Hills District, Victoria Rd corridor, Lower North Shore and Northern Beaches. Visit Trip Planner to find out how you can reach us at Town Hall.

Do you have after school care?

Yes. We offer before school and after school care for our Junior School students (K – 6) as well as a holiday program. We also have after school study groups for secondary students in both the Middle School and Senior College.

Where do you run your sports programs?

We have a long-standing relationship with the University of Sydney and St Andrew’s College to use many of their sports facilities. St Andrew’s Oval is our home venue for Rugby, Cricket and Softball. We also use other University facilities for Basketball, Tennis and Squash. Individual sports such as fencing are situated at venues close to the school. Football (Soccer) has its home ground and training at Wentworth Stadium, Glebe.

Where do children play in a city school?

For Junior and Middle School students, we have a rooftop playground, sitting above our classrooms, overlooking the cityscape which is complete with play equipment for our youngest students, to basketball and cricket pitch courts, as well as many open-plan indoor areas, which are also open to students for recreational periods. Our Senior College has an outdoor recreational space within the campus, and Years 10-12 students are afforded the privilege of accessing the city (within a restricted area) during recess and lunch.

How easy is it to drop my child off by car in the mornings?

There is a drop off zone directly outside the school entrance in Kent Street where parents can pull up to drop off or collect their children. In the mornings and afternoons, a member of staff remains in attendance to assist and escort Junior School students.

School Features

What makes St Andrew’s different from other schools?

This is a hard question to answer in a short space! The main differences from many other independent Sydney schools are coeducation, the unique city location and experience, a strong pastoral care reputation, outstanding music and outdoor education programs and excellent results in the Higher School Certificate (HSC) and International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) results. Our support for all learners to reach their potential is hard-to-match and our teaching and learning program uses cutting edge research and technology to drive its successful programs.

What is Gawura?

Gawura is St Andrew’s Indigenous school within a school, a K-6 on-campus learning facility for urban-based Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. The school has a focus on literacy and numeracy, as well as the celebration of Indigenous culture and language, coupled with strong parent and community involvement. Gawura and the Junior School share many of the facilities and resources of the school, and join together for social gatherings and all extra-curricular activities, sport, camps and outdoor education.

Why should I choose coeducation?

We believe coeducation is the best way to prepare students for tertiary education and life after school, where life is coeducational. From K-12, St Andrew’s is fully coeducational. Many of our student wellbeing programs address the unique needs of each sex, so many of these programs are run separately with boys and girls. Many of our wellbeing programs focus on respectful relationships and these are practised in the classroom.

What are the class sizes at St Andrew's?

In the Junior School we generally have a maximum class size of 20 from Kindergarten to Year 4 and 22 in Years 5 and 6. In the Middle School and Senior College, the classes range from 18 to 24 students, with some in the final years being much smaller.

Does the school have a canteen?

Yes, we have a school canteen situated adjacent the rooftop playground. Orders can be made on the day or through the online canteen.

Why is St Andrew’s music program different from other schools?

St Andrew’s offers all students the opportunity to play a musical instrument and has an extensive, enjoyable and varied program of music tutoring and live performance events where students become confident in playing to audiences. There are opportunities for performing at every level and in a variety of venues, from Town Hall to overseas cathedrals. We offer exceptional opportunities for gifted students, but our program is designed to appeal to students of all levels.

What is wellbeing – and how does St Andrew’s provide it?

St Andrew’s is well known for its outstanding and nurturing student wellbeing programs, which provide students with individual and year group support and a number of internal and external programs. Our wellbeing programs help students with a range of challenges faced by young people as they mature and face the increasing pressures that come with adolescence. Each program is aimed at a different stage of a student’s development, both emotionally and physically. We have a new character education program which is central to the daily interactions of students with staff and points to the development of desirable character strengths aspired to by our students.


What are the key intake years?

Our main intake years are Kindergarten, Year 5, Year 7, Year 9 and Year 10. However, there are sometimes spaces available in other year groups. Please contact our friendly enrolments staff with any enquiries.

How old does my child need to be to start in Kindergarten?

Generally, your child will need to turn five by the 31st of May in the year they start school. However, we can accomodate for early enrolment if there are indications that your child is ready. We encourage you to contact the Registrar in regards to this.

How early do I need to send in an enrolment application for my child?

As soon as you know you are interested. We offer places on a receipt of application date, so early application is advisable.

Do you have open days?

No. Instead we lead small, intimate Head of School tours which run on normal school days, allowing you to get properly acquainted with SACS as our high-rise campus comes to life! Tours are usually held on a fortnightly basis during term time, running from 9am to 10.30am.

Does my child need to be Anglican?

No. St Andrew’s is a school founded on values of the Christian faith, and dedicated to the promotion of the Christian gospel. We are, however, a diverse community, and welcome students of all faiths and backgrounds.


How much does it cost per year to send my child to St Andrew’s?

Please see our fee structure page for information on the yearly costs.

What scholarships are available?
  1. Junior School Scholarships  (Years 5 – 6)
  2. Year 7 Academic Scholarships (awarded on results of the ACER Scholarship examination and an interview with the Registrar)
  3. Year 11 Academic Scholarships (offered in the year prior to entry)
  4. Music Scholarships
  5. Chorister Scholarships (Boys from Years 3 – 6)
  6. Gawura Indigenous Scholarships (Kindergarten entry only)

Still have a question about St Andrew’s? If you can’t find the answer on our website, feel free to send us a quick enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible, or call us on 02 9286 9579.

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