Gifted & Talented and Scholarship Information Evening

May 8, 2019   5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

For parents and educators of Kindergarten – Year 10 students

Guest speaker: psychologist Dr Natalie Rimlinger, an expert in supporting families with gifted learners

Topic: How to recognise gifted learners and connect them with opportunities that cater to and celebrate their gifts

St Andrew’s is committed to supporting all students across a range of learning abilities. Our aim is to ensure all students have equal opportunities to learn and experience success in learning. Our Gifted and Talented Education Program is a challenging program designed to target students whose academic learning needs differ significantly enough to warrant a differentiated approach to learning.

This parent talk provides information and resources for parents of children who may fall into this category of learner. Come along and find out more about how to support these unique learners.

In this presentation, Dr Rimlinger will highlight characteristics of intellectually gifted children, with particular attention to early development and how parents might identify this in their children. Drawing on research data, the challenges and joys of raising gifted children will be addressed, with practical ideas on how parents might best support their children. Finally, the importance of a good academic fit and the need to find a school that identifies, caters to, and celebrates gifted children will be discussed.

Following the presentation, our Head of Junior School Mrs Rhonda Robson will chair a panel discussion with specialist learning development staff on how St Andrew’s approaches this area of special education. The panel will also discuss academic and music scholarship opportunities at St Andrew’s Cathedral School.

The discussion will cover students from Kindergarten to Year 10. Parents and educators from all schools are welcome to attend this information evening.

It is anticipated that this event will conclude by 7.30pm.