Trivia Night – Movie Madness

May 18, 2019



Join us for a night of action packed, side splitting, edge of your seat, Fun, Entertainment, Games… and TRIVIA!

This year our dress up theme comes from the big screen but our questions will test every area of useful and useless knowledge your team can bring to the table.

There are 24 crazy movie table themes to choose from:

  1. Rude Dudes: It’s a boys night in with movies such as the Hangover, Dumb and Dumber, Weekend at Bernies or Bill & Ted’s …. or whatever dudes!
  2. Super Heroes are Marvelous: Captain America, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, X-Men, the Hulk ……. Bring your super powers to the trivia table
  3. Tear Jerkers: Grab your husband, grab your girlfriends, grab a box of tissues and sniff your way through movies such as A Star is Born, The Notebook and Saving Private Ryan
  4. Freddie Kruger and His Friends: Come as a character from your favourite horror flick ………… but no chainsaws allowed!
  5. Time for Time Travel:  From Marty Mcfly to the Terminator to Phil Connors it’s time to dress as your favourite time travelling movie character.
  6. Kung Fu Fighting:  Come as your favourite martial arts star! From Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon to the Karate Kid, Bruce Lee will live again.
  7. Bond James Bond: Whether you prefer Sean, Roger or Daniel, Miss Moneypenny, or M or dress as your favourite character from a Bond movie.
  8. Chick Flicks:  They’re not just for the girls. But hopefully Miss Congeniality won’t be Clueless when it comes to the trivia questions.
  9. Get Animated: From Frozen to Moana, from Toy Story to Monsters Inc, from training your dragon to …. just ask you kids and they can tell you what to wear.
  10. The Hills are Alive: We had to! Yes the hills are alive with the Sound of Music – from a Nun to a lonely goatherd there is so much to choose from – or go Greatest Showman, Singing in the Rain or Chicago for your inspiration.
  11. Bend It Like Beckham: From Rocky to Bend it Like Beckham.  From Matchpoint to Battle of the Sexes, get your sports gear on and get set to answer some questions.
  12. Saturday Night Fever: From the Village People to John Travolta –  get your disco gear on.  You can’t stop the music!
  13. Wild Wild Westerns: From John Wayne to Django Unchained to Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid ..…….. but you’ll have to tether your horse at the door.
  14. Mafia Movies: The Godfather, Goodfellas or Scarface; from Sicily to New York to Miami…. Leave the family fueds and power struggles at the door for the night.
  15. Starship Enterprise: From Star Wars to Alien to Bladerunner –  there’s so much to choose from.
  16. The Table that Knows Too Much: Come in your PJ’s or bring a bird on your head ….. No shortage of options of Hitchcock fans
  17. Side Splitters: Who tickles your funny bone?  Is it Laurel and Hardy or Monty Python or Borat or Bridget and Darcy’s Christmas sweaters ……….?
  18. History Repeats: Grab your kilt, find your toga and come as a character from your favourite historical movie.
  19. Aussie Aussie Aussie: Tell them they’re dreaming! You’re terrible Muriel!  That’s not a knife!  You get the idea….
  20. Vagabonds and Villains: The Joker, Darth Vader, Cruella de Vil and all sorts of evil characters are sure to do well at a little trivia.
  21. Heroes and Heroines: From Indiana Jones to Hans Solo; from Robin Hood to Tarzan there are always plenty of movie heroes.  From Dorothy to Hermione; Princess Leia to Lara Croft we love our movie heroines.
  22. Blockbusters: Gone with the Wind, Titanic, The Ten Commandments, The Wizard of Oz and so many more  …….. all box office blockbusters!
  23. I Do. I Do. I Do. Wedding Crashers.  Mamma Mia. Bridesmaids. 27 Dresses.  Whether you’re a guest, the groom or the minister you’ll know the answers.
  24. Ho Ho Ho. It’s never the wrong time of the year for a Christmas movie.  Home Alone, The Grinch, and a little National Lampoon.  Turn on the Christmas lights!

Book early and get the table of your choice.


This event will be held in the Heath Centre, Level 5, St Andrew’s House, Sydney.

Bookings open Monday 8 April.

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