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The SACS Foundation is the organisation through which financial support for our school is directed. The objective of our Foundation is to anticipate and provide for the funding needs of our students, now and in the future, which is over and above what is provided by school fees and government grants.

Our school believes that young people who are physically fit and enthusiastically challenged in an enjoyable and safe sporting environment can perform better academically, socially and emotionally. All students from years 7-11 at SACS play compulsory winter sport, and many choose to play sport in summer as well. By improving the professional development of sporting coaches, and creating increased opportunities for development, training and sporting tours, we aim to increase the competitiveness of St Andrew’s sporting teams and the quality of the experience for all students.

The Foundation has joined the Australian Sports Foundation, which was set up by the Australian Government in 1986 to support the development of sport in Australia. This allows us to give tax deductible donations as we specifically work to to raise funds and promote the development of sport, across all grades, all sports and for all students. The aim is to raise the profile of sport within our school and to direct funds to create a truly outstanding sports programme for all the students at SACS.

All donations made via this foundation are tax deductible.

To donate to support all sports at St Andrew’s Cathedral School – click here.


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