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Giving Day – 24 hours all-or-nothing campaign on 28 June from 3pm

The St Andrew’s Cathedral School Foundation Building Fund provides an important source of funding for capital projects, playing a pivotal role in maintaining and improving school facilities. The impact is felt daily amongst our students and staff – with a direct influence on the standard of teaching and learning.

This month, we are setting the stage for a dramatically improved performance space in Chapter House. This historic building adjacent the Cathedral is our school’s next major development project and with your help, we can write a new chapter in its history.

It’s not just for drama, dance and music – Chapter House will provide additional school space for special events, functions, seminars, meetings and parent-talks. Every student, every family, all alumni, and each staff member will benefit from the transformation of Chapter House, which has played a special role in the life of the school since we opened in 1885.

Join our ‘giving day’ from 3pm on June 28 to 3pm on June 29 in a 24-hour, all-or-nothing campaign to raise $120,000. Every donation on the day will be multiplied by four thanks to the generosity of matching donors. Watch our Chapter House video, which provides more details on our 2018 building plans HERE.

Please go to the website to find out more and to register a reminder to donate on the day.

This is the Next Chapter in our rich history of performing arts at SACS.

Parents are asked to donate to the building fund when they pay their fees. A target of $175 per family per term has been set in 2018 ($235 for Year 12 with 3 terms). It is with these tax deductible donations that the school is able to continually update our facilities, ensuring our students have every opportunity to achieve their very best. Every donation, no matter what size, is deeply appreciated and helps implement the SACS master plan.

Our strategic plan is to reconceptualise and redesign the use of space at SACS, to create flexible, inspirational and practical sustainable areas, both inside and outside the classroom. Improvement to facilities are ongoing and take place each holiday period so students’ learning is impacted as little as possible.

Your donations go directly to support projects like these.

Donations to our building fund can be made here.

Donations to the St Andrew’s Cathedral School Building Fund have supported the following projects:

  • Music Centre Level 8 SAH
  • Refreshing outdoor areas including rooftop SAH and terrace BBC
  • Fit out of level 4 and middle school library
  • Refurbishment of Junior School classrooms and JS library
  • Terrace at the BBC
  • Renovation of MC Newth Auditorium and foyer BBC
  • Four new science laboratories BBC