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Heath Bursary Fund

The Heath Bursary Fund

Sadly, there are families at SACS who have been impacted by dreadful circumstances such as illnesses, life-changing accidents, bereavements or other tragedies that severely disrupt family life. This year, the challenges and uncertainty have impacted even more members of our community.

We have an immediate and urgent need to strengthen our support for some of our current families. If we can, we want to ensure that a child’s education and school life at SACS can continue when trauma surrounds them. The Heath Bursary Fund is there to support families in these circumstances and donations to this fund are tax deductible. We really need your support if you can help us this year.

Giving Day 2020 will aim to raise additional funds for the Heath Bursary Fund. We recognise that not everyone can donate this year, but we believe everyone can participate. Our aim is to show our support for all those who have helped make this year a little better, and to give some practical help for those who need us.

You can show your care and support in one of three ways:

  1. Donate to the Heath Bursary Fund.
  2. Pledge to volunteer. Perhaps you have a few hours to spare in the next 12 months and can support our community by volunteering. You can choose when and where. We will follow up your pledge after our Giving Day.
  3. Write a message of thanks, support or encouragement.

How can you help?
  Participate in Giving Day 2020 by whichever way you can

When can you help? Thursday, 3pm, 25 June – Friday, 3pm, 26 June – last 24 hours of Term 2

Where do you help?

Visit and follow the live countdown to our Giving Day. You can register your interest to receive a reminder when the Giving Day commences.

We are so grateful to our school community who are willing to help families who are in need.  Donations are tax deductible and can be made at the link above or via the Donate link on this website.