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Parent Convenors 2017

What is a Convenor ?

The concept of the Convenor (often known in other schools as class parents) was established in 1999 to generate closer communication between parents in each respective year, and to build closer communication with the school.

The convenors at St Andrew’s Cathedral School play a vital role in providing opportunities for parents to meet, develop friendships and link with other families in their year group. As a city centre school, parents and families are located over 220 suburbs. Our Convenors help foster a greater sense of community.

It is a great way to be part of the community, meet new friends and enjoy your time at SACS (St Andrew’s Cathedral School). Convenors make a huge difference to everyone’s school experience.

In our Junior School, we look to have one or two convenors for each class to be a focal contact point for families and organise social parent functions (both with and without students). Junior School parents can assist in this vial role, or may prefer to assist with organising P&F events for JS parents such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Grandparents’ Day.

In Middle School and Senior College (secondary school) most convenors organise one parent function a year, and then encourage their fellow parents to become involved in school and P&F activities.

What does a Convenor do?

Convenors work together to:

– welcome families in your class or year group

– enable parents in your cohort to get to know each other

– arrange simple and fun social / connecting occassions

– enhance communication between parents, the P&F, and the school

– support P&F friend-raising and fund-raising activities

– attend P&F meetings whenever possible.


Lyn Jarvis, Director of Communications,, 0407 182 455

Kris Clarke, Junior School Convenor Co-ordinatior, 0417 449 193

A Rewarding Culture

Convenors and P&F Volunteers report that it is a thoroughly rewarding experience, and one that creates life-long friendships with other families. These parents  are literally the “glue” that holds our community together.

We look towards building on the existing culture that our parents have created, which is founded on enthusiasm, openness, warmth and friendship.

How will I contact the Convenor for my year group or class?

Once year convenors have volunteered for 2017, we will put a full list on this webpage and their contact details will be available through the parent portal. If you have any questions or difficulty, please email Lyn Jarvis, Director of Community Relations at

Convenors for Junior School for 2017

Class or Year  Name
KL Ken Harvey
1A Melinda Ottley
1O Brad O’Loughlin, Cibby Pulikkaseril, Justine Ellis
2B Martine Barclay
2S Caroline Chan, Emma Dewar
3F Clair Senger, Grace Susanto
3L/4L Melinda Walters
3B/4B Kris Clark, Grace Cai
4E Emma Dewar
5R Melinda Walters, Katie Firth
5V Fiona Cameron, Beck Rands
5B Roan Surjadinata
6L Clair Senger, Sally Johnstone
6C Scott Clarkson
6RO Megan Miller, Catherine James, Fiona Loader
6RA Martine Barclay

Convenors in Senior School for 2017

Class or Year  Name
Year 7 Annie Zimmerman, Narelle Monoghan, Melissa Hobbs, Helen Jones, Manisha Amin
Year 8 Rachel Raschke, Sally Sternecker, Abigail Tornow, Emma Pritchard
Year 9 Samantha Sandford, Tania Hayes, Felicity Brazel
Year 10 Grace Susanto, Sally Sternecker, Eric Johnson
Year 11 Lara Mihaljevic, Gregg Currie, Karen Strates, Angela Velonas, Lisa Hulme-Jones
Year 12 Annie Grenell, Rebecca Hetherington


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