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Parent Convenors 2020

What is a Convenor?

The concept of the Convenor was established in 1999 to generate closer communication between parents in each respective year, and to build closer communication with the school.

The convenors at St Andrew’s Cathedral School (SACS) play a vital role in providing opportunities for parents to meet, develop friendships and link with other families in their year group. As a city centre school, parents and families are located over 220 suburbs. Our Convenors help foster a greater sense of community.

It is a great way to be part of the community, meet new friends and enjoy your time at SACS. Convenors make a huge difference to everyone’s school experience. Convenors and P&F Volunteers report that it is a thoroughly rewarding experience and one that creates life-long friendships with other families. These parents are literally the “glue” that holds our community together. We look towards building on the existing culture that our parents have created, which is founded on enthusiasm, openness, warmth and friendship.

Who can be a Convenor?

Any parents at SACS. We encourage two to three for each year group Years 7–12; and each class in K–6.

What does a Convenor do?

Convenors work together to:

  • welcome families in your class or year group
  • enable parents in your cohort to get to know each other
  • arrange simple and fun social / connecting occasions
  • enhance communication between parents, the P&F, and the school
  • support P&F friend-raising and fund-raising activities
  • attend P&F meetings whenever possible

How can I become a Convenor?

Please email the following details to P&[email protected]

  • First and Last name
  • Preferred email address
  • Class or Year group that you would like to represent

Please note by agreeing to be a convenor, you are giving permission for your email address to be sent to other convenors for the purpose of coordinating with your Year group, and for your name to be added to the Convenors page on the SACS website.

How will I contact the Convenor for my year group or class?

Once year convenors have volunteered for 2020, we will put a full list on this webpage and their contact details will be available through the parent portal. If you have any questions or difficulty, please email the P&F at P&[email protected] or Lyn Jarvis, Director of Community Engagement at [email protected].

Looking for Parent Convenors for 2020

Once confirmed, contact details for Convenors can be found through the Parent Portal.

Junior School


YEAR 1  –  Heidi Beck and Yasmina Glazenburg

YEAR 2   Rebecca Tomkins,  Cathy Perkins and Corey Lelean

YEAR 3 –  Sera Hizlican Dobosz

YEAR 4  –  Rich Buggy

YEAR 5  –  John Lopes, Catherine Gunning and Suha Al Haj Mohd

YEAR 6  –  Tanya Collins, Lisa Liber,  Pauline Su and Katie Firth


Secondary School

Year 7 – Celia Manins and Sally Johnstone

Year 8 –  Halley Chan, Renee Bennett, Jolie Gavagna, Alex Tees and Suzy Yates

Year 9  –  Sally Johnstone, Jane Randall and Felicity Hall

Year 10  –  Sofie Sullivan and Helen Jones

Year 11  –  Rachel Rashke, Abi Tornow and Rhondda Shaw

Year 12  –  Ellie Luff and Annie Fitzpatrick


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