2016 Academic Results

January 4, 2017

I write with the very good news of our HSC and IB Diploma, and NAPLAN results. We always knew our IB results would be outstanding as many of our more able Year 12 students choose the IB in preference to the HSC. However, HSC results are very pleasing, with many HSC students achieving ATARs in the 90’s, including a few above 98.

We have now received our HSC and IB Diploma results from Year 12, 2016. Many HSC students have given us their ATAR’s, and our statistician has approximated the rest (authenticated by the alignment between his calculations and those ATAR’s given to us by students). We can calculate IB Diploma students ATAR easily, as there is a direct conversion table between IB grade scores and ATAR’s.

We are delighted with the following student HSC and IB ATARs:

  • Thomas Manousaridis 99.7
  • Natasha Bourne 98.3
  • Daniella Tsallos 98.3
  • Preston Davis 98.15
  • Scott Clayton 98
  • Marion Edye 97.6
  • Woody Rolph 97.6
  • Ethan Crosweller 96.45
  • Jordan Barnes 96.35
  • Matt McEnallay 95.9
  • Katarina Popovic 95.9
  • Noah Tarlo 95.85
  • Lilian Hoch 95.05
  • Finnegan Hassey 94.6
  • Ngoc Ky 94.5
  • Johnathan Glinatsis 94
  • Name withheld by request 93.6
  • Sarah Chalwell 93.5
  • Blair Ferguson 93.45
  • Jasmin Moaven 93.45
  • Kim Hour San 93.45
  • Pip Wright 93.45
  • Harrison Rook 93.35
  • Mika Rosewarne 93.35
  • Rohan Ashby 92.85
  • Jasmine Jung 92.55
  • Emma Polyblank 92.3
  • Marcus Milton 91
  • Sarah David 90.95
  • Tia Haes 90.75
  • Siena Reynolds 90.65
  • Name withheld by request 89.95
  • Name withheld by request 89.5
  • Brayden Carr 89.35
  • Brianna Scott 89.35
  • Lachlan Cassel 89.3
  • Vincent Mason 88.85
  • Emily Post 87.9
  • Liv Straatveit 87.55
  • Andrew Yu 87.4
  • Name withheld by request 87.05
  • Harry Hetherington-Welch 87
  • Persia Littlewood 86.75
  • Joshua Haddon 86.5
  • Daniel Larwill 86.15
  • Natalie Kanawati 85
  • Claudia MacPhail 84.7
  • Alexander Antoniou 84.1
  • Grace Lee 83.35
  • Name withheld by request 83.3
  • Arjay Raca 80.15
  • Name withheld by request 80

The results show that SACS students, whether HSC or IB Diploma, continue to perform very well.

In the newspaper ‘league table’ of HSC results, SACS improved 213 places on 2015. The top 50 positions remain dominated by government and Independent selective schools, with their academically selected students.

I do not tell you this because I believe it conveys anything real; rather, I include it because some of our parents continue to take notice of these ‘league tables’, of individual scores above 90, even though they don’t measure anything which actually counts towards final results or university entry, or have any official status. Even on total subject aggregate, the difference between, say a mark of 88, which will not feature in the ‘league tables’, and a mark of 91 is 3 out of 500 (40 SACS students scored Band 6 ‘near misses’, with marks of 88 or 89), in addition to the 77 scores of Band 6.

By our calculations, if the IB Diploma Band 7’s and A’s (the top IB ratings, which equate to HSC Band 6 in the table) were included, SACS would have been rather higher in the tables. This too, means little, as it is their ATAR’s, not their Band 7’s, which gives IB students entry to university.

There are other students not on this list where results are no less meritorious. Some overcame significant learning or life circumstance difficulties to achieve personal bests. For a few, simply achieving Year 12 graduation was a significant milestone. Success and value, cannot always be measured by a number, or a place in a table. We are as proud of and as delighted for those young people as we are for our ‘high flyers’.

We now await university offers in the main round in mid-January, and in late and final rounds in late January and early February. Already, many of our students know that their ATAR’s will be sufficient to gain entry to preferred courses.

In early December, I received a request from Channel 7 to be interviewed for one of their current affairs programs. The nature of the enquiry was to explain why SACS’ NAPLAN results are so good in an environment where politicians and the media are complaining about downward drift in NAPLAN and the international measurements, PISA and TIMMS. The journalist pointed out that our results in NAPLAN at SACS were far better than could be predicted by our ICSEA (socio-economic) ratings. My reply was that we do so well in NAPLAN by largely ignoring it, that is, we aim for deep learning rather than endless drilling and teaching to the test, and thereby, the results look after themselves, as an outcome of quality education.

In the end, I was ‘bumped’ from the program by Professor Geoff Masters, Chief Executive of ACER (Australian Council of Educational Research). Although we take moderate, rather than extensive notice of NAPLAN, the Channel 7 interest was encouraging.

Dr John Collier
Head, St Andrew’s Cathedral School
Head, St Andrew’s Cathedral Gawura School