2017 HSC Snapshot

December 18, 2017

When I opened the package of HSC results which Eleni Tatsis had kindly sent me, the results were far better than I had anticipated or expected. It seems that some of our students hit the accelerator in the final phase and have produced an exam performance which well surpassed their earlier assessment task efforts. We have nearly doubled the number of Band 6’s on last year (102 as against 58). This is a very significant achievement, indicating fine work by staff. In addition to the 102 Band 6’s, we have 219 Band 5 or E3 (Extension subjects are marked out of 50, and where results are comparable with a Band 5 i.e. the upper level of the E3 range, I have included them in my count). This indicates very substantial academic achievement by our students, as despite the media hype, there is no special magic in gaining a Band 6 in terms of its impact. Indeed, being focussed on Band 6’s seems to me to be like the golfer who is interested only in birdies (1 under par for the hole for you non golfers) rather than the overall quality of the round.

Sangay Linkins achieved highly as an ‘all rounder’ i.e. Band 6 in 10 or more units. There were any number of others who were a mark or two off in one or more subjects with the rest Band 6: India Broom Waugh, Henry Campbell, Zoe Clarke, Tom Hetherington-Welch, Alex Kelly, Linjian Li, Kieran Pulley, Zoe Poulos, Stephanie Macindoe, Ben Moore, Camilla Pemberton, Tom Ward and Matthew Watson. Others who did really well included Liam Barrera, Joshua Hohne, Claudia Llewellyn, Jackie Luo, Jessica Stewart and Manu Risoldi. 

The highest single mark was obtained by Linjian Li, with 50 out of 50 in Music Extension. The highest 2 Unit mark was Ben Moore’s 99 in 2 Unit Mathematics. One who put the big numbers together was Zoe Clarke with 97 in Music 1, 96 in Drama, 95 in English Advanced.

It was also very encouraging to see Kade Dawson achieve a Band 5 in every subject. Kade is the most academically successful Aboriginal student we have graduated through the Gawura program. He worked very hard and richly deserves these results.


On the performance level we have done very well. Sixteen students have been nominated for the respective showcases of the best HSC major works in their subjects.

Drama On Stage nomination:

  • Tom Hetherington-Welch (Group and Individual Performance)
  • Luca Sheridan (Group Performance)
  • Will Torney (Group Performance)
  • Ella Clarke (Costume Design)
  • Zoe Clarke (Individual Performance)
  • Tom Ward (Individual Performance)

Design & Technology Shape nomination:

  • Joshua Bisset (Major Work)
  • Connor Keogh (Major Work)
  • Aidan Post (Major Work)
  • Alexander Taylor (Major Work)
  • Thomas Vaux (Major Work)
  • Andrew Waldin* (Major Work)
  • Matthew Watson (Major Work)
  • Jack Wilson (Major Work)

Music Encore nomination:

  • Victor Li (Individual Performance)
  • Andrew Waldin (Individual Performance)
  • Tom Ward (Individual Performance)

*Andrew Waldin’s work has been selected for the Design & Technology Exhibition Shape 2017 and will be displayed at the Power House Museum.


Our top ATAR Results for HSC 2017 so far:

  • Sangay Linkins – 98.85
  • Zoe Poulos – 97.80
  • Zoe Clarke – 97.25
  • Benjamin Moore – 97.10
  • Liam Barrera – 96.55
  • Camilla Pemberton – 96.15
  • Thomas Hetherington-Welch – 95.80
  • Henry Campbell – 94.90
  • Kieran Pulley – 94.80
  • Name withheld by request – 94.65
  • India Broom Waugh – 94.60
  • Jun Du Yang – 94.55
  • Jacaranda Luo – 94.05
  • Matthew Watson – 94.00
  • Anthony Segaert – 91.50
  • Luca Sheridan – 91.25
  • Andrew Waldin – 90.90
  • Hugo Whitehead – 90.85
  • Thomas Ward – 90.80
  • Name withheld by request – 90.60
  • Joshua Hohne – 90.00
  • Timothy Wong – 89.95
  • Lily Meek – 89.80
  • Emma Paget – 89.25
  • Quinn Goh – 88.65
  • Emanuelle Risoldi – 88.30
  • Abbey Hamilton – 87.20
  • William Snell – 86.80
  • Cooper Sheppard – 85.65

Dr John Collier
Head of School