In profile: entrepreneur Marissa Payne

May 2, 2018

Marissa Payne (Year 12) loves bags and business. So it seemed only natural for her to start up her own online bag design business, called Peony the Label.

“I wanted something else to do other than just school work,” she said. “I thought, ‘why don’t I put some of the money I’ve earned in retail into something that I want to do in the future, but get it going while I’m in high school, just to see where it goes?’”

“The first thing I set up was the Instagram account,” she said. “I also set up my website, which was the hardest thing. Once I almost deleted it and totally freaked out!”

Marissa reached out to manufacturers around the world herself, and wanted to ensure her bags matched the designs she created. “Since there was a bit of a language barrier, it was helpful for me to show the manufacturers visually what I wanted,” she said.

Marissa completed the majority of the set-up process over the 2016-17 summer holidays and began operations online early in 2017. She also sells wallets and accessories.

Now, Marissa is sending her bags around the world, to places like New York, Spain and Thailand.

“It’s so cool sending the boxes off around the world. I find the boxes I send overseas awesome, because I wonder about [the buyer] and how they found out about me. It drives my passion for it further, I think,” she said.

Reflecting on her learning experiences over the course of the process, Marissa refers to the school’s Character Strengths.

“I would say I’m quite Self-Controlled and Persistent when I want to do something and I’d say I’m a Thinker as well,” she explained. “I think having the business has made me more organised, too. I’m also learning hands-on things that you can’t get inside the classroom.”

Marissa’s bags and website can be viewed at

– Anthony Segaert