Interview: meet our 2018-19 school captains

November 9, 2018

Meet Layla Harris and Trystan Go, our school captains for 2018-19. They’re part of a team of 23 students chosen to represent the student community. Anthony Segaert spoke to them about their hopes for the year.


What interests do you have outside of school?

Trystan Go: I love acting. I do a lot of performances inside and outside of school. At school we’ve got Fidler on the Roof coming up! I’m playing Tevye, an old fashioned middle-aged Jewish man who is very rigid in his traditions. That’s quite the opposite of me – but it’s a good way to escape from the busy school schedule. I also like singing and piano and tennis.

Layla Harris: Most of the stuff I do is at school. I play basketball and netball. We’re both also in a lot of choirs together. I have a part-time job outside of school.

What do you like most about SACS?

Layla: That’s so difficult … everything! It’s so clichéd, but the range of opportunities is awesome. There’s so much we can do here. And in Year 12 there is even more we can do. I think every year it just gets better and better with the things that are going on here. It’s so much fun!

Trystan: It’s what everyone says, but everything. There is so much we can do here and the community is just amazing.

Why did you apply to be school captain?

Trystan: I thought it was a really good way to actively engage with the community while also representing the students’ perspectives and being at the forefront of communications with parents and teachers.

Layla: I’ve really loved my time at SACS since Year 7 and the parents and teachers are really like a second family. It’s a great opportunity to give back to the staff and students and broader community for everything they’ve done for us while we’ve been through the school. I also wanted to recreate the same great experiences that I had in Year 7 and Middle School with the school captains over the years.

You’ve already begun your duties, so what do you think is the best part about the role?

Trystan: I think the best part for me is forming relationships with people who I normally wouldn’t get a chance to talk to. Everyone knows you, but you may not necessarily know them. So they feel comfortable approaching you. That’s really special.

Layla: I love that now we are in this position, we have a bigger opportunity to engage with everyone, whether that’s parents on the sidelines of the fields, staff, or students in different years. I think there needs to be some friendship between years. We want to focus on extending a bridge between different grades, and bring together the Middle and Senior schools, getting everyone involved in different things together.

What are you focusing on in the leadership team?

Layla: Definitely SACS Pride. When we first got this role, we were told that you don’t have to change a million things, but you can really continue the impact of past generations of captains. So that’s something we find important … encouraging students to get involved and do things in SACS and other communities.

Trystan: I think it’s about getting everyone connected, especially around SACS Pride. Students can go and like our Facebook and Instagram pages to stay in contact with our community.

Any thoughts on what you’d like to do after Year 12?

Layla: Oh my goodness … I don’t know specifically what I’d like to do. But I know that I would love to work in a team environment where I am working with a close group of people.

Trystan: I’m not too sure yet. I might keep going with acting. And I wouldn’t mind running a hotel; I just love hotels!