Meet our first Kindy – Year 12 graduates

November 15, 2017
At this year’s assembly to farewell Year 12 graduates who attended the Junior School, two special graduates were presented with the inaugural St Andrew’s medal for completing the full 13 years of schooling at SACS! Lucy Robson spoke to Wills Damjanovic and Andrei Cheng about their favourite memories of SACS.


What are your favourite memories of Junior School here?
If I had to pick one, it would be Mr Wu’s and Ms Robinson’s class when we all decided to play a big game of hide and seek throughout the whole junior school for about 30-40 minutes and it got to the point where everyone was found except Daniel Cahill. We were looking for him everywhere and he ended up being where the person was counting which was behind Mr Wu’s desk, so we all had a big laugh afterwards. And of course, the dodgeball games were amazing. Kindergarten was memorable with only five to seven of us in a class and doing the alphabet with Mrs Rohrlach – if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be where I am today.
What are the highlights or your time here?
My most valuable classes in Junior School were Kindergarten with Mrs Rohrlach, Year 4 with Mr Finemore and Year 5 with Mr Wu. Mrs Rohrlach’s class because school and making friends was very new to me and she really helped me and was there for me. Mr Finemore was my favourite teacher; he looked after me and taught us more than just school work, he taught us life lessons and always prayed for us every day. Mr Wu showed me the balance between what you have to do and what you want to do; he is a really happy, energetic and fair person and he knows when things have to be done.
What would you say are the things that makes St Andrew’s unique/special?
I think the connection and the friendliness between the teachers and the students across all years, as well as the connection between the students, it’s very polite and respectful, with no judgement and everyone gets along well.
What have you liked most about coming to SACS?
The reason I came was because my mum gave me two options – a school with a dirt playground or a school with a rooftop playground, so obviously I wanted to go to this school. After a while it became the teachers and friends which made me like coming to SACS.
What do you hope to do next year and into the future?
I’m pursuing a career in music as I’d like to produce and make music for myself and for advertisements and movies. I’m going to learn this at a private college not too far from SACS for two or three years and hopefully go from there.


What are your favourite memories of Junior School here?
I came to this country fresh from the Philippines and I couldn’t speak a lot of English, so it was kind of a sad story for the first week as it was hard to communicate to others and I would always start crying at the start of school, but Mrs Rohrlach was there for me at all times and she and the class made me feel comfortable. That is a memory that I will definitely cherish.
What are the highlights or your time here (K-12)?
Well most people would say their highlights would be dodgeball with Mr Wu and I will always remember that. Kirrikee was also a blast as that’s where I would connect to people who weren’t my friends and create new relationships with them.
What would you say are the things that makes St Andrew’s unique?
Definitely the city location, as we have a rooftop playground and access to city food once you reach Middle School and Senior College. The location is really good and the community of the school is special as people actively try to be together across all years which is amazing.
What have you liked most about coming to SACS?
The family feeling that you get with the school and being friends with people in different years. Students in Year 12 and Year 5 can get together and bond and it isn’t too segregated. It’s quite nice that the school encourages that a lot of things such as the athletics carnivals.
What do you hope to do next year and into the future?
I currently play for the under-21 Philippines international team, so I’m thinking of playing football. If that doesn’t work out, I might go into interior design and architecture or health science which is a bit broad but they are my top three. I’ll also definitely be helping out the school as a football coach next year, so I’ll still be around at SACS!