New hydration stations in St Andrew’s House

February 23, 2018

Thanks must go to the SACS Association of Parents and Friends for funding the environmentally-friendly hydration stations that were installed in St Andrew’s House over the summer holidays. Located on Levels 4, 5, 6 and 8, the water-filling stations are an extension of the typical bubbler and will entice staff and students to refill their reusable bottles rather than buy bottled water.

“The stations produce cooled, filtered water and are naturally becoming a popular source of hydration,” Director of Community Relations Lyn Jarvis said. “They will also contribute to a significant reduction in plastic waste within the school, as we have eliminated the need to purchase water. The students are enjoying watching the counter change as each time a water bottle is filled, there is a visual record in the hydration station of what number of disposable plastic bottles have been eliminated from use. It is part of our desire for school facilities to support the ‘Well Principles’ of air, water, light, comfort, fitness, mind and nourishment.”