Race Across the Great Divide

April 16, 2019

Darryl Flack (OA1978) has co-authored and self-published a book celebrating the Golden Era of Australia motorcycling racing. ‘Race Across The Great Divide – How the 1970s transformed Aussie Motorcycle Racing’ is a 324-page coffee table tome featuring 330 images and tributes to the great riders and races between 1970-79.

When Darryl was in Year 12, he attended the Easter Bathurst bike races for the first time with a paddock pass and a Pentax camera in hand.  In fact some of the photos Darryl took that weekend appear in the book.

“It was always my dream to become a motorcycle journalist, and I knew photography would be a good skill to have. I remember I wrote a little essay on the ’78 Bathurst races for English, and my teacher Miss Noble was very encouraging about my passion for the sport, and writing.”

After graduating from St Andrews, Darryl obtained a Bachelor of Business degree from UTS and worked in marketing roles for seven years before becoming Sydney editor of Australian Motorcycle News. He has since freelanced and written for a number of magazines around the world and was Australian correspondent for for two years. ‘Race Across The Great Divide’ is his first book.