Remote learning: how our students are going

April 20, 2020

Remote learning has been a new experience for everyone. We wanted to know what the move to online learning has really been like for our students, so we asked a few students to share their perspectives with us.

This week, we hear from Year 8 student Julian Agriogiannis, writing about about the ups and downs of his first week of learning from home:

So far the new Remote Learning has been pretty good. Although it has some flaws, I have been getting lots of work done and have been able to cope with the new learning environment.

Doing school in a home environment allows students to get more sleep, without the need to travel to and from school. This means that students can wake up later in the morning which means they have more energy throughout the day. Another positive thing about remote learning is the ‘conferences’ our classes have online. Through the conference’s teachers are able to communicate with students for lessons, to distribute work, to catch up and to mark work. The conference application on Schoology also shows the teachers who is online and who isn’t, and teachers can also mute people.

Even though there are lots of positives about Remote Learning, there are also some drawbacks. For example, I know some students are feeling overloaded with work while others are not getting enough work. Some students might find it difficult to remain undistracted in the home environment and some students might not be able to communicate and socialise with friends.

This week, personally I’ve found I’ve been getting all my work done really easily. I’ve been able to complete work very fast which gave me the opportunity to spend time doing other things. I think the main reason I am getting work done faster at home is because I am not being distracted by my classmates as often! So far, remote learning has been a success for me at least due to the conferences, working environment and manageable workload.