SACS students off to Cambridge University

February 10, 2020


Eight St Andrew’s Cathedral School students from Years 8-10 will travel to Cambridge University in the United Kingdom to participate in a series of intensive courses in subjects including international relations, creative writing, and law.

The students – the majority of whom received scholarships for entry into the course – will spend two weeks working in small classes with expert tutors, exploring the study areas of their choice, all while living in the university’s famous colleges.

Eva Still (Year 8), Roisin Carey (Year 9), Anais Williamson (Year 9), Joann Fetner (Year 9), Anna Rhode (Year 10), Clara Rhode (Year 10), Olivia Bishara (Year 10) and Isha Bhullar (Year 10) will head to Britain in July and August.

Students applied for scholarships to the Summer School program at Cambridge by writing an essay in response to a question about their desired area of study.

Year 10 student Olivia Bishara, who will study international relations, wrote about the effectiveness of the United Nations, and is excited to launch into the program.

“I think in Australia we are quite disconnected from global politics sometimes,” she said. “I really want to bring back some context and information about how the world works so that I can understand it better, especially to understand how all these things come back to impact Australia.”

“I’m expecting to have a few moments where my mind is blown,” she said. “It’s going to be awesome.”

After her parents saw the opportunity advertised in the school newsletter, Olivia set off to write over the holidays. She says she received a lot of support and encouragement from her teachers.

“My English teacher, Dr Hall, helped me out a lot. He’s really interested in world events too, so it was helpful to work with him.”

Aside from picking up a British accent, Olivia is hoping to meet other like-minded students from around the world, and sink into their study together.

Ms Estee Stephenson, Leader of Learning (Gifted and Talented) is excited by the opportunity for students to engage with topics not taught at school, in such a unique context.

“It’s an extraordinary opportunity for them to open their minds and see what is in the world, and meet other students from different cultures and languages,” she said.

“I believe our students will come back with a wonderful understanding of the area they studied,” she said. “This will motivate them to work hard at school, with a greater understanding of the opportunities available to them upon graduation.”