Strong results by IB Diploma students

January 4, 2020

Click here to view a snapshot of our IB Diploma 2019 results

By Dr John Collier

An excited group of IB Diploma graduates and parents came back to school yesterday to celebrate and share their IB Diploma subject results and Diploma scores. Overall, the results for the 49 students undertaking the IB Diploma in 2019 are strong, with 41 per cent of students scoring an IB score over 34. This converts to an ATAR of 90-plus. There were 23 grade 7 scores (the top grade possible), and an impressive 95 grade 6 results. There were, encouragingly, 12 grade As (the top grade) for Extended Essays in the subjects of English, History, World Studies, Biology, Sports Exercise Health Science, Music and Visual Arts.

The average ATAR of our top 10 IB Diploma students was 96.83. The median IB ATAR for the class of 2019 is a very respectable 89.90.

The IB Dux is Zoe Richter with an IB score of 42, which translates to an ATAR of 99.25. Accordingly, the overall HSC/IB Dux this year is HSC student Matthew Sgroi-Smith with an ATAR of 99.40.

While most subjects performed very well, there were particularly strong results in Music, Physics, Psychology, Spanish, Business Management and German B HL. Music achieved the stunning result of four grade 7s (the top grade) and one grade 6, this comprising the whole class taught by Dr Christian Watson. The Sydney Morning Herald has interviewed Nick Drozdowski on the basis of his admission straight into the second year of a music degree at UNSW.

Some students already have university offers, and nearly all were confident they had sufficient ATAR points to access their preferred course of study at university.

We congratulate the IB class of 2019 for their tremendous efforts and wish them all the best for their future endeavours.