2018 cohort achieve outstanding results

January 22, 2019

Year 12 high achievers in the HSC and IB Diploma

We are very pleased with and proud of our 2018 Year 12 SACS graduates. Our combined cohort of HSC and International Baccalaureate Diploma students have achieved 46 ATARS over 90, that is, 28 per cent of our candidates have obtained ATARS in the top 10 per cent of Tertiary Admission Ranks available in Australia. (Almost 40 per cent of the cohort achieved ATARS over 85, which is outstanding.) This is an excellent result in our comprehensive, inclusive school. Others, not in this range, have excelled on their terms, overcoming significant educational or life challenges to persist and achieve personal bests, graduating well. We honour them all.

Many students have been in touch to share their delight at being admitted to university courses or private colleges of their choosing. Some are proud recipients of scholarships.

Where names of students in the results listed below are withheld, we have not been able to contact students to gain their permission to publish their results, or in some cases, they would prefer to remain anonymous.

Well done Year 12, 2018!

– Dr John Collier, Head, St Andrew’s Cathedral School


2018 ATARS of our top HSC and IB Diploma graduates

Luisa Bartsch 99.4
Elly England 99.4
Jacqueline Gazal 99.4
Anna Yastrebov 98.8
Luke Stewart-Yates 98.8
Risha Degamia 98.25
Jack Hayes 98.25
David Xiang 98.25
Anouk Roggema 97.5
Ava Stael 97.5
Alexander Stefas 97.5
 Kathleen Thomas 97.5
 Rose Wills 97.5
 Benjamin Mickan 97.2
 Grace Yarrow 97.2
Name withheld 97.0
 Name withheld 96.7
Greta Pigott 96.7
Name withheld 96.7
 Samantha Peirson 95.95
 Nicholas Austen 95.85
 Name withheld 95.75
 Name withheld 95.75
 Emily Borrud 95.75
Samuel Hagan 95.1
Shane Areni 94.5
Jessica Jenner 94.5
Name withheld 94.5
Name withheld 94
Name withheld 93.3
Name withheld  93.3
Paris Condon 93.3
Name withheld 93.15
Angus Hook 92.1
Adam Baldock 92.1
Name withheld 92.1
Bangshuo Zhu 92.1
Rachel Nixon 91.95
Name withheld 90.65
Junbo Fang 90.65
Name withheld 90.65
Name withheld 90.65
 Harvey Vitlin 90.65
 Alex Chorley 90.5
 Name withheld 90.5
 Elliot Duncan 90.1
 Sara Al-Shameri 88.95
 Name withheld 88.95
 Name withheld 88.95
 Ashton Trollor 88.8
Ruben Wall 87.8
 Alyssa Brown 87.75
 Alessandra Dehn 87.1
Name withheld 87.1
 Grigoris Panaretos 87.1
 Inez Roggema 87.1
 Name withheld 87.1
 Jonah van Wachem 87.1
 Catherine Ogborne 87
Zoe Campbell 86.65
 Christopher Rogers 86.4
 Aleksa Novicic 85.85
 Name withheld  85.2