Year 12 Design and Technology students nominated for Shape exhibition at Powerhouse Museum

November 14, 2018
Design and Technology graduates Ruben Wall (L) and Alex Chorley (R) have been nominated for the 2018 Shape exhibition

Year 12 Design and Technology graduates Ruben Wall and Alex Chorley are thrilled after receiving news that they were nominated for the 2018 HSC Shape Exhibition, which features the best of all Major Projects from the HSC Design and Technology subject.

Ruben and Alex were nominated for their year-long major projects which had to respond to a genuine need in any aspect of society, using their skills in Design and Technology to come up with a solution to the issue.

Ruben developed a park bench that can dry after rain, while Alex created a low-cost and flexible tripod-based panning machine to smoothen pans in any camera filming.

Both were happy with their success in being nominated, but Ruben said his nomination came as a surprise.

“It’s pretty exciting being nominated,” said Ruben. “It’d be quite weird having my work in the Powerhouse Museum!”

“Especially with a big task, there’s no way you can spit it out in a short amount of time,” he said. “You need to chip away and organise your time well, otherwise it’s very overwhelming. I didn’t manage my time well at the beginning of the process, and that came back to haunt me at the end. But that meant I had to manage my time even better.”

Design and Technology teacher Mr Krystian Bacewicz, who also taught Ruben in Years 9 and 10, agreed his organisational skills weren’t the best. But, “he always had very good problem-solving skills and has got to the point where he can document his work and write about his process very well.”

“It’s awesome seeing him nominated,” he said. “It shows that hard work pays off. As a teacher, it’s great to see students eventually fulfill their potential through that journey. Because I’ve taught him for so long, it’s really exciting to see him get that recognition.”

For Alex, the nomination is triple sweet: he has already had major works in Music and Drama nominated for Encore and Onstage performances, respectively. This comes on top of the news that Alex’s six-minute film on time travel was also nominated for the HSC InTech exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum. The film was part of his distance education subject Industrial Technologies (Multimedia).

Music teacher Ms Andrea Kuburic said she was proud of Alex’s achievements across all his subjects.

“Alex has blossomed so much in a year. It was incredible to see how willing he was to challenge himself and go further to constantly improve,” she said.

“He’s a very persevering student who loves what he does and is very organised. I can see him reaching for the stars.”

Both students will now be able to submit applications for their work to be placed in the Powerhouse Museum, before an official announcement is made in mid-December.

– Anthony Segaert