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St Andrew’s Cathedral School
is a place unlike others…

Since 1885 – for more than 130 years – we have been Sydney’s quintessential city school, a place as diverse, changing and future-focused as the CBD that surrounds us. Fully coeducational from Kindergarten to Year 12, we have an inclusive admission policy that seeks to enable each student to reach their academic potential.

What makes SACS Different?

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St Andrew's
Junior School

Junior School (K – 6)

St Andrew’s Junior School is a place where all students are known and valued, where a strong emphasis on quality teaching and learning spans from the very first days of Kindergarten to the final days of Year 6, and beyond.

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St Andrew's
Middle School

Middle school (Years 7 – 9)

At a time when young people will experience some of their most rapid personal growth and move towards academic maturity, St Andrew’s Middle School provides a purposeful programme designed to engage students from Year 7-9 in a supportive learning culture and prepare them for a smooth transition into Senior College and beyond.

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St Andrew's
Senior College

Senior college (years 10 – 12)

Spanning from Year 10 to Year 12, the St Andrew’s Cathedral School Senior College is focussed on preparing students for their final exams and, ultimately, for life. With its coeducational ethos and cosmopolitan Sydney city backdrop, the Senior College offers students a real life experience to prepare them for the world beyond the classroom.

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St Andrew's
Gawura School

Gawura (K – 6)

Gawura stands for our school’s commitment to reversing the overwhelming educational disadvantage for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. St Andrew’s Cathedral School demonstrates its commitment to this challenge by offering a unique, culturally enriched educational journey to Indigenous students who live in the CBD’s neighbouring suburbs.