Junior School (K – Year 6)

Junior School Curriculum

In the Junior School we recognise that learning needs to be significant, challenging, networked and future-focused in order to best prepare students for life in the 21st Century.

We implement the curriculum set by the NSW Education Standards Authority, with whom the school is fully accredited and registered. The school teaches from a Christian perspective in accordance with our vision for teaching and learning. Subjects taught are English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Human Society and its Environment, LOTE (Mandarin K-6), Christian Development, Creative Arts, and Personal Development Health and Physical Education. 

Clear and purposeful learning is intentionally sequenced into the curriculum to reflect developmentally appropriate content. The curriculum is differentiated to meet the wide range of learning needs of the children, from those who require specific learning support to those who are gifted learners and require specific interventions to challenge and extend their learning.

Gifted education opportunities

Gifted and talented students are recognised as having unique educational needs and need to be catered for in order that their learning outcomes are optimised. Our extension classes enable students to learn alongside other high ability students. These students are supported by teachers with post-graduate qualifications in gifted education.

Developmentally appropriate programs for gifted and talented students incorporate a combination of grouping strategies, enrichment, counselling interventions and acceleration. Selection of students for accelerated classes and/or cluster groups commonly follows a recommendation procedure.