Career support and pathways

Further Education and Career Development

St Andrew’s offers a Further Education and Career Development program that provides a range of services to our students to assist them with their post-school education and career development exploration. These include:

Career counselling

Students are able to access personal career counselling throughout their Senior College (Years 10-12) years. This process involves a detailed exploration of students’ interests, aspirations, aptitudes, needs and suitability, as well as examining available and appropriate study programs and pathways.

Career assessment

A comprehensive career assessment program is undertaken by Year 10 students to launch their formal exploration of post-school options. This program provides key indicators for HSC and IB Diploma subject selection and post-school study or training pathways, as well as possible career entry points.

Careers Reference Centre

A well-resourced Careers Reference Centre is in the office area of the Careers Counsellor and the meeting space for career consultations with students and parents. The centre is resourced with tertiary information.

Career education

A series of programs are offered throughout the Senior College years addressing a range of areas, including tertiary preparation, application processes, résumé composition, applying for jobs, interview skills and the like.

Work experience

Students and/or parents who source a work experience placement during school holiday periods will have the necessary insurance provided to the student by St Andrew’s if the placement is deemed suitable and the necessary documentation is submitted. This is an optional activity for all Senior College students.

CBD Schools Careers Convention

Every year, four CBD schools get together to offer the CBD Schools Careers Convention. The large expo component is arranged by St Andrew’s Careers Counsellor Mr Des Sinovich and is attended by more than 70 post-school providers across all sectors (tertiary and corporate). Information seminars are part of the convention and close to 200 professionals attend to provide on-the-job advice to students. Year 12 attendance is compulsory and parents and students in Years 10 and 11 are encouraged to attend.

Local community partnership

Opportunities to engage with local community organisations in various initiatives relevant to further study and career development occur at intervals throughout the year. These provide students with an insight into the corporate world of work across a range of areas, from business to government and other industries.

Tertiary outreach

Educational institutions invite students to participate in various on-campus programs, which introduce students to specific areas of study. These allow students to experience something of the life of a tertiary student: the nature, demands, options and rewards of a course of study.

Course and subject information

Aimed mainly at Year 9 and 10 students, course and subject selection information sessions provide important details regarding the selection of HSC or IB Diploma subjects, which can influence post-school options. Information regarding subject pre-requisites for entry into certain tertiary courses is also offered.

Lunchtime seminars

Throughout the year, tertiary and corporate providers are invited to present at lunchtime seminars held in the Senior College.

Apprenticeships and scholarships

Information about scholarships, cadetships, apprenticeships and traineeships is available to students at the Careers Reference Centre.