Senior College (Years 10 – 12)

Welcome from the Head of Senior College

Welcome from the Head of Senior College Mr David Lindsay

St Andrew’s Senior College is focussed on preparing students in Years 10-12 for their final exams and, ultimately, for life. With its coeducational ethos and cosmopolitan Sydney city backdrop, the Senior College offers students a real life experience to prepare them for the world beyond the classroom.

The Senior College campus is located at 51 Druitt Street and offers many specialist areas and space to study in either quiet spaces or seminar rooms and flexible social areas that encourage connections with other students and staff. The unique pre-tertiary environment of Senior College is as a result of its campus structure and city-based location.

We continually work towards developing students’ responsibility and independence, ensuring students are accountable for their actions and choices. We achieve this by being relational in all aspects of the academic, pastoral and cultural life of the school. Responsibility cannot be encouraged without some freedom; however it must also be encouraged through a framework of positive choices for the future. We want our young people to be in a position to contribute to their world when they leave us. In the final years of school at St Andrew’s, development of students’ character, integrity and sense of justice is just as important as academic results.

Our co-educational Senior College caters for more students than any other section of the school, ensuring that a broad range of subjects can be offered in Years 11-12. Students have a range of educational choices within either the International Baccalaureate (IB) or Higher School Certificate (HSC).

The formulation and implementation of teaching programs at St Andrew’s aim to foster a passion for learning that will stay with our students throughout their lifetime. We aim for students to grow in their understanding of themselves as valued children of God, with personal gifts to be nurtured, developed and engaged with in such a way that they are well prepared for life, able to enjoy it and able to contribute effectively to our own school and the wider community. Our city location is a significant asset in our planning and development of learning opportunities.