Child safety


St Andrew’s Cathedral School manages complaints involving allegations of staff misconduct and reportable conduct differently from other complaints. This is because they are often of a sensitive nature, raise potential privacy and confidentiality issues, and in some cases the School has external legal reporting obligations.

The School requires all staff to comply with its policies, Codes of Conduct and standards of professional behaviour that are intended to prevent staff misconduct and reportable conduct and staff are required to report any breaches of these Codes or standards.

It is also critical that the broader School community reports incidents of, or concerns about, staff misconduct and reportable conduct (both defined below) to ensure the safety and wellbeing of students and that the School complies with its legislative reporting obligations.

The School has a legal obligation to investigate and report to the NSW Children’s Guardian all allegations of reportable conduct made against staff at the School as defined by the Children’s Guardian Act 2019 (NSW) (Children’s Guardian Act).

For the purposes of this policy, “staff” and “staff member” is defined to include teaching and non-teaching staff, School Council members, volunteers, contractors and external providers.

 To view the full policy document, Procedures for handling allegations of staff misconduct and reportable conduct.