Co-curricular Activities

International Tours in 2020

26 December 2019 – 16 January 2020

Choristers tour of Europe

In its 200th anniversary year, the St Andrew’s Cathedral Choir is taking its renowned music to the world as it tours Europe’s top music institutions. Choristers will perform in Notre Dame Cathedral, St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Kings College Cambridge and the Australian Embassy amongst other locations.  

For more information, contact Mr Ross Cobb (Program Director) at [email protected] 

April 2020 (Term 1 holidays)

China Tour

Years 9 – 11 students (Applications open)

China promises a variety of experiences from the highly developed cities of Shanghai and Beijing to the farm lands of northern and western China. Despite being a languages tour, this trip would be worthwhile for any student interested in China and its culture. Students visit the city of Xian and the famous Terracotta Warriors, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, and the centre of the Ming and Qing dynasties. They will also get to climb and walk on the Great Wall of China and visit one of the key venues of the 2008 Olympic Games. 

For more information, contact Mrs Dominique Haynes (Program Director) at [email protected]

1-16 July 2020

Indonesia Biodiversity Tour

Years 9 – 11 students (Applications open)

Experience life as a remote scientist in this 16-day science tour to Indonesia. As well as gaining insight into life on a small island, you’ll collect vital data on the endemic-rich Wallacea region of central Indonesia, on Buton Island, SE Sulawesi, including research on forest structure and carbon stocks, bat, bird, butterfly, reptile and amphibian communities. Data is used as part of a research funding application in the United Nations, which works to preserve the pristine condition of the Indonesian biosphere. 

For more information, contact Mrs Rita Pezzano (Program Director) at [email protected]

January 2021

Antarctic Expedition

Years 9–12 students (Expressions of interest invited)
Information evening on Wednesday 29 May 2019 at 6pm

Come on SACS’ most ambitious and adventurous tour ever! We will be walking in Tierra Del Fuego National Park in the southern-most tip of Chile before embarking on a small ship to Antarctica. Not only do we have some amazing on-foot expeditions, but we enjoy riding the zodiacs to get up close and personal with rare ocean animals. Another highlight will be the scientific educational program designed to enhance the experience. Due the huge expense of this trip (around $18,000), we are looking for expressions of interest at this time.

For more information, please request a flyer at: [email protected] or contact Mr Ric van Wachem on [email protected]