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Learning Technologies

Learning Technologies

Learning technologies are an important part of the learning experience at St Andrew’s in all years. We aim for learning technologies to be used authentically and appropriately to enrich, enhance and extend learning.

Technology has transformed learning, such that learning tasks have been significantly redesigned and now provide a far more engaging experience for students.

Our Year 5 to Year 10 students use a school-provided device, with Years 11 – 12 students bringing their own tablet or laptop. New desktop computers can be accessed in the libraries and Senior Research Centre.

Kindergarten to Year 2 students have 1:1 access to iPads for learning. Years 3-4 students have access to Surface Pro laptops in the classroom in order to start developing the skills necessary for future learning. All Gawura students also have access to iPads and laptops in their classrooms.

St Andrew’s provides students with access to Office 365 for email, file storage and collaboration. This provides students with access to documents across all internet-enabled devices.

Schoology is our online Learning Management System. This enables students to communicate and discuss their work online with teachers and students as well as accessing resources, submitting work and receiving feedback. Schoology works across all internet-enabled devices. Read more on Schoology.


For more information, please visit the parent information portal SACS connect.

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