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Enrichment and Learning

From Kindergarten to Year 12, we strive to provide the very best learning environment for everyone.

We take pride in our reputation for caring and nurturing our students and welcome those with specific learning needs, whether they are struggling in a particular area or are gifted and talented.

Enrichment and Learning team

The enrichment and learning team has a reputation for caring and nurturing students with learning needs, whether they are gifted and talented or having difficulty with a particular area of learning. Working closely with teachers, counsellors, students, parents and outside professionals to cater for the individual needs of students, the enrichment and learning team’s collaborative approach ensures communication and sharing of expertise as parents and professionals work together to design learning that has the right level of challenge for students.

Teachers and support staff are appropriately qualified and experienced and are expected to develop an expertise in a particular specialisation (learning support, English as a Second Language or Gifted and Talented Education) in order to assist the team as a whole to address all aspects of learning needs in the school.


Services provided by the enrichment team (Kindergarten to Year 12) can include:

  • In-class support
  • Diagnostic assessment of student abilities
  • The development of Individual Learning Plans and the creation of learning profiles
  • Parent information sessions
  • Professional development sessions to enhance skills and understanding
  • Assistance with the modification of curriculum, assessment and exams
  • Transitions programs for Year 7 (Club 7/11), Year 10 and Year 12
  • Literacy and Numeracy intervention programs, eg. Multilit, Maths Mastery
  • Cogmed – Working Memory Training Program
  • Collaborative planning with teachers, students, parents and outside professionals.
  • Disability Provision Applications for the Higher School Certificate
  • Determining appropriate adjustments for students with a disability
  • Collection of data to access Commonwealth funding (NCCDSWD)
  • Provision of social skills groups (lunchtimes)

Gifted and Talented education program

St Andrew’s recognises the educational need to cater for gifted students of high or exceptional academic ability within a mixed ability cohort. We aim to cater for highly able and exceptional students by providing specialised educational programs and learning environments. From our core values, we believe it is important to develop the talents of academically gifted students, just as we do any other student who may possess sporting, musical or other talents.

To view our Gifted and Talented program, click here.

Our Middle School has a variety of enrichment and learning opportunities for Year 7-9 students. To view the Middle School program, click here.

Please contact the enrichment and learning department or Penni Maher (, the Leader of learning (enrichment and learning) with any questions, concerns or to provide additional information that will assist the school in meeting your child’s individual learning needs.

English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language is supported through team teaching, in-class support, small withdrawal groups, student advocacy support, in-class support, English language assessment and timetabled specialist courses in the Senior College. Senior school students can also access after school study centre support.

Please contact Penni Maher Leader of Learning (Enrichment and Learning) for additional information about your child’s individual learning needs.

Please contact the Enrichment and Learning Department or Penni Maher, the Leader of Learning (Enrichment and Learning), with any questions, concerns or to provide additional information that will assist the school in meeting your child’s individual learning needs.

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