Junior School K-6

Gifted Education programme

St Andrew's Cathedral School has been recommended by a number of highly regarded psychologists and consultants working in the field of Gifted Education.

St Andrew’s Cathedral School is committed to catering for the needs of identified gifted and/or talented students. We possess a comprehensive understanding of Gifted Education. We have been recommended by a number of highly regarded psychologists and consultants working in the field of Gifted Education.

Our aim is to provide high quality, specialised educational programmes and learning environments to meet the needs of highly able and/or exceptionally gifted students.

These provisions include curriculum compacting, advanced placement, above-level testing, gifted and talented profiles, targeted enrichment, differentiation, as well as Accelerated Classes (full time homogenous class groupings). Students assessed as being in the gifted category can be considered for inclusion in the school’s Accelerated Classes (opportunity classes), from Year 3 to Year 6. These classes focus on creating momentum in learning, where the curriculum is compacted and students learn at a faster pace, with less repetition, alongside like-minded students. They interact with above level peers, encountering complex and challenging curriculum, beyond the core syllabus. Whole grade and subject acceleration interventions are considered and utilised, where appropriate, using evidence-informed practices. 

The Junior School invests in the professional development of our teaching staff in regard to Gifted Education. Currently Gifted Education in the Junior School is ably led by two highly qualified and experienced Coordinators of Gifted and Talented Education. There are six teachers in the Junior School with credible post graduate qualifications in Gifted Education, as well as another twelve teachers who have undertaken targeted Gifted Education courses. 

Extension and enrichment opportunities abound for our students, both within and beyond the classroom, including: Philosophy, Gateways Courses, Gifted and Talented Camp, Da Vinci Decathlon, ICAS Competitions, Mathematical Olympiads, Code Camp, Catalyst (Mentoring Programme with Secondary School Students), Future Problem Solving, Write-a Book in a Day, TheatreSports, Debating, Public Speaking, and the United Nations Challenge.

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