Middle School 7-9

Beyond the classroom

In the Middle School our extensive co-curricular programme challenges and stretches our students to follow their passions and develop both expertise and character.

All students at St Andrew’s are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities to help develop a variety of skills, build personal confidence and foster friendships within the school community.

Research has shown that involvement in co-curricular activities provides a unique range of social experiences that build character, strengthen relationships and enhance student achievement.

Involvement in these activities in secondary school is associated with a greater level of school satisfaction, higher feelings of self-control, higher confidence socially and academically, and greater educational and occupational aspirations. A number of studies have also shown that students participating in extracurricular activities do better academically than those who do not.

House competitions and activities play a major role in the pastoral and co-curricular life of students at the School. Whether it be the Bake Off cupcake competition to raise money for charity, the Athletics Carnival or the Debating competition, fun is an essential element in the diverse number of House activities offered throughout the year.

Co-curricular activities include sport, music ensembles and choirs, creative arts and drama activities, debating and public speaking, and overseas trips and camps.