Middle School 7-9

Gifted Education programme

A team of specialist educators work with gifted and talented students to identify their unique educational needs, in order that their learning outcomes are optimised.

Gifted Education programme

Academic excellence, challenge, opportunity and choice, in an environment which supports the holistic intellectual and socio-emotional development of each gifted and talented learner – this is what our Gifted Education programme in Years 7-9 aspires to achieve.

Our Extension classes in Years 7-9 in core subjects and advanced classes in others, together with cluster grouping, extension and enrichment aims to support the intellectual needs of our gifted and talented students. In addition, subject and year group acceleration is another option for our highly gifted students. 

Gifted Education programmes and opportunities in the Middle School include:

  • Gifted identification and assessment
  • The development of a Gifted Education Profile (GEP) for highly gifted students
  • Transition programmes developed specifically for gifted students 
  • Academic coaching and interventions for gifted students who are Twice Exceptional, underachieving or EAL/D
  • Collaborative planning with teachers, students and parents to meet the unique learning needs of gifted and talented students
  • Social-emotional programmes and interventions, geared towards the specific needs of gifted and talented students 
  • Academic competitions and Olympiads across all multiple subject areas
  • A variety of clubs to develop student talents, including Robotics, Science and Philosophy Club
  • Participation in the Da Vinci Decathlon and Gateway8 competitions.
  • Project Catalyst, our in-house peer mentorship programme 

Extension classes

There are 2 extension classes for Mathematics, English and Science and 1 – 2 Music Extension classes and an extension Chinese class for those who have some prior knowledge of the language. All classes are provided extension work and classes are reviewed every year to ensure students are placed appropriately so we can best cater for their learning needs. 

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