Senior College 10-12

Christian approach

We want our students to engage with the teaching of Jesus. We want them to prioritise relationships and to develop a deep respect and love for those who think and believe differently to them.

As a Christian school, St Andrew’s Cathedral School invites students to actively reflect on the Christian faith, as their education equips them to critique various philosophies and world views.

We also want them to think critically and seriously about higher-order issues of a philosophical nature. We equip them so they are able to dismantle and question the key belief systems that underpin our culture in order to ask and debate the ‘big questions’ in life: What constitutes the good life? Who or what am I? Who or what is God? What’s wrong with the world? What will put it right? How do I know? 

We seek to be marked by a generosity and hospitality modelled by Jesus, and we value relationships based on respect and mutuality.

Chapel services are held weekly while our Christian Development course, taught in the classroom, offers all students the opportunity to engage in healthy discussion on the Christian faith as well as other belief systems.

CRU groups 

Many students at St Andrew’s Cathedral School choose to profess their Christian faith and we seek to provide a supportive and encouraging environment where they can mature in their faith as they travel through school. Students can join one of the many age-based CRU groups and attend a Christian camp.

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