Gawura provides a dedicated, free bus service for its students.

Gawura provides a dedicated free bus service for its students. The optional bus service is only for our Gawura families and ensures students are at school on time each day.

The bus picks up Gawura students from certain collection points within a radius of 3km from the Redfern Community Centre. See the map here. The bus route will try to incorporate the needs of families by finding a safe area to pick up and drop off students near their homes, however this will always be dependent upon confirming to traffic regulations.

Families who live outside the radius are asked to take their child to a pick-up point within the radius, such as National Centre for Indigenous Excellence (NCIE) in Redfern or Waterloo. There is no cost for utilising the Gawura Bus. An Opal Card is not required to travel on the Gawura Bus, however, as students may need to catch public transport from time-to-time, (eg. if staying back for after-school activities), they are encouraged to arrange for a Student Opal Card to be in their school bag for such occasions.

Gawura has two wonderful bus drivers (one of which is an Indigenous Elder) who work on different days, each week. Parents are provided with the drivers’ mobile phone numbers so they can communicate absences with the driver and also ask about upcoming events or excursions.

If students wish to stay after school for co-curricular activities, they will need to make alternative arrangements and are usually collected by their parents at a later time.

For those living outside the 3km radius, you’ll be pleased to know that Gawura is located in the enviable position above one of Sydney’s largest transport hubs, Town Hall Station, which connects to all parts of the CityRail network via train. We are also easily accessible by several State Transit Authority (STA) bus routes.

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