Other co-curricular

Gawura students can access a wide variety of co-curricular activities that build expertise, and are very popular with students.

Gawura, with the Junior School, enjoys a large selection of co-curricular activities and groups outside of music and sport.

These activities are run by teachers and are held before or after school, usually on one day per week.

Activities change and rotate each term, some of the regular weekly term time activities include: 

  • Infants Art and Craft (Years K-2)
  • Infants iPads (Years K-2) 
  • Infants Fine Motor Skills (Years K-2) 
  • Homework Club (Years 1-6) 
  • Bible Blast | Stage 3 Christian Fellowship (Years 5-6) 
  • COMET | Stage 1 Christian Fellowship (K-2) 
  • IMPACT | Stage 2 Christian Fellowship (Years 3-4) 
  • Keep fit club 
  • Movie Maker Club (Years 3-6) 
  • Truly aMAZing Games (Years 3-6) 
  • Chinese Eisteddfod (Years 2-6) 
  • Primary Book Club (before school, Years 3-6) 
  • Philosophy Club (selected Years 1-6) 
  • Science Club (selected Years 3-6) 
  • Primary Sport coaching/training and skills develop (Years 3-6) 
  • Code Camp (Years 2-6) 
  • Chess Club (Years 3-6) 
  • Student Newsletter (selected Years 3-6) 
  • Maths Club 
  • Lego Robotics Club (Years 3-6) 
  • Lego Masters (Years K-2)

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