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Prefects prepare to support First Nations students


Meet our “Bridging Schools” prefects! The newest role within our Student Leadership Team is dedicated to using our school programs to benefit First Nations students in rural Australia. Here, we chat with Oscar and Jeremy to find out more about the project.

What is the Bridging Schools Project?

The Bridging Schools Project aims to close the education gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students across Australia. At SACS we are doing this by developing a connection with Goodooga Central School in western New South Wales. We’ll be fundraising a trip for around 30 Goodooga students to visit Sydney.

Why do we have this new position within the leadership team?

The Bridging Schools Project was introduced to SACS by last year’s school captains. This year we have been asked to continue the project and take it to the next level. We’re hoping to build on the existing foundations from last year and encourage more students, parents and Old Andreans to get involved in the project.

What are the responsibilities involved with your role?

As the Bridging Schools prefects, we have a variety of responsibilities. The most important is fundraising for the upcoming trip which has included advertising the BSP within SACS, setting up donation websites, creating informative videos and communicating with our advisor Glenn Price from Connecting Communities Australia, which provides volunteer services in rural and remote Australia.

How are you feeling about the opportunity?

Jeremy: I am extremely happy to have such a great chance to directly help Australia’s Indigenous community. However, I am also quite nervous as I don’t want to let the Goodooga students down.

Oscar: I’m looking forward to developing the Bridging Schools Project in order to close the gap between Indigenous and non-indigenous students in Australia.

What do you hope to achieve this year through your role?

Jeremy: My overarching goal is to raise more than enough money for the Goodooga students to have their trip.

Oscar: I feel the project has enormous potential to cultivate meaningful connections between students at the two schools while also allowing the students at Goodooga Central School to access to an incredible opportunity to get to know and experience Sydney.