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Growth Coaching

Growth Coaching is an integrated part of the whole school, used to promote the professional growth of teachers.

We are committed to building a coaching culture within the School, to attract, retain and develop the best people. Growth Coaching has become an integrated part of the whole school, working to promote the professional growth of teachers, leaders and support and operations staff. 

Our Learning Coaches use a range of coaching tools to support teachers from Kindergarten through to Year 12 to reflect on their teaching practice and develop a shared language of teaching, as well as our support and operations staff on their staff leadership development and supporting goal attainment.

Our new staff coaching programme aims to support new staff to transition into their new role at our school. The programme is flexible to the needs of the new staff member and provides opportunity to gain deeper understanding of the school’s Teaching and Learning Model and the use of data to inform teaching practice.

Our Growth Coaching approach has proven to be an effective contributor to staff professional growth, staff collaboration and staff wellbeing. In 2020 the School won The Voice Project Best Workplace of the Year Award – It is no surprise that coaching contributes to the success of our school.

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