St Andrew's Cathedral School


Our parents, friends, alumni and extended school community who volunteer across the year bring a special spirit and enthusiasm to our school.

Volunteer at St Andrew’s Cathedral School

The work of our volunteers is a vital part of our community and central to the culture of our school. Every year we have over 300 volunteers who generously give their time, energy and expertise to many aspects of school life.

Our parents, friends, Old Andreans and extended school community who volunteer across the year bring a special spirit and enthusiasm to our school.

We are extremely grateful for their dedication and selflessness. Many wonderful aspects of the St Andrew’s Cathedral School experience would not exist without them.

Volunteering is a rewarding experience

“Volunteering at SACS is a pleasant change from work- it’s a team effort with the joys that go with that. It has led to new friendships and is also rewarding when you are actually working with the kids themselves – it helps to remind you why SACS is a great school”.

year 8 parent

“Our time as Parent volunteers has made SACS as real and important a community for us as it is for our three children. Our children take quiet pride in the time, care and effort we bring into “their” school and have really enjoyed watching us as parents being part of their school journey. Our volunteer adventures are often the subject of laughing dinner table discussions.”

year 12 parent

“It is very satisfying to have been able to use our professional skills, experience and networks to help the school, but it has also been a huge amount of fun to stumble through learning to cook 1000 sausages in 90 minutes for the swimming carnival.”

year 9 parent

“The opportunity we have had to meet and get to know fellow parents from all round Sydney, to be part of so many unique experiences and events and to grow personally and as a family has been profound.”

year 12 parent

If you would like to volunteer or need some more information on volunteering at St Andrew’s Cathedral School, please contact our Community Engagement Team by email at and your enquiry can be directed to the right area. All volunteers who work with children must undertake a Working with Children Check and observe the protocols for volunteering at the school.

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