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Our Strategic Plan

The School’s Strategic Plan is the result of extensive stakeholder engagement, right across the life of the school and is based on the Balanced Scorecard framework.

The School’s Strategic Plan is the result of extensive stakeholder engagement, right across the life of the school – including with parents, teaching and non-teaching staff, students, Executive, our Old Andreans Association, P&F Executive, School Council members, Foundation members and First Nations representatives.

Each brought their unique perspectives and deep passion for the school to the process. Stakeholders worked together, debated, challenged each other, listened and ultimately created a strategy that is more informed and of better quality, because of their involvement. 

The Balanced Scorecard methodology facilitates a Strategy Map – a diagram of the school’s strategy on a single page (pages 12-13), the Strategic Plan (pages 14-20) and the development of annual Operational Plans and Strategy Reviews, conducted quarterly.

Our strategy has been developed from four different Strategic Perspectives: Our People and Culture; Our Practice; Our Financial Stewardship; and Our Students and Community.  

The Strategic Themes that emerged from extensive quantitative surveying and qualitative consultations are: a transformative education that builds strong character; a city school that develops resilient change-makers; and a relevant and sustainable leader in Christian education. (page 10)

Our Strategy Map illustrates how we will achieve our Vision. Motivated by our Mission, we will empower our people to enrich their practice; wisely use resources in order to develop accomplished purposeful learners; enabling students to live lives of hope, integrity and wisdom; producing an enriched school community. 

St Andrew’s Cathedral School has a deep culture of innovation, and a question that is routinely asked at all levels of the school is, ‘but how will we know?’ There are many measures already in place and functioning – student progress and standard financial metrics. The Balanced Scorecard is an integrated strategic planning and management system that is uniquely placed to support us as we develop a balanced set of strategic, organisation-wide measures of performance and to understand both lead and lag indicators of progress against the Strategic Plan.

To view and download our Strategic Plan, please click here.

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