St Andrew's Cathedral School

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A number of highly sought after scholarships are available - music, academic, cathedral chorister, clergy, and for First Nation's student entry to Gawura. We warmly encourage enquiries regarding any of these opportunities.

Each year, St Andrew’s Cathedral School offers scholarships in the following categories:

  • Academic scholarships   
  • Music scholarships   
  • Clergy scholarships
  • Cathedral chorister scholarships   
  • First Nations scholarships (Kindergarten entry only into Gawura) 

All scholarships are reviewed annually and carry a set of high expectations, which are discussed in more detail throughout the scholarship application process.

The School expects that the privilege of receiving a scholarship will build responsible attitudes, develop leadership potential and enable students to take a positive role in school life.

NOTE: Scholarships and discounts vary from 10% to 100% discount.

Scholarships provide a discount off tuition fees only. Other fees, such as the enrolment fee, compulsory and optional outdoor education camps, the resource levy and music tuition are full price. Costs for the school uniform also need to be considered. Please click here to view current fee schedules