St Andrew's Cathedral School

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St Andrew’s Cathedral School and Gawura are value aligned and purpose driven organisations with a highly engaged, passionate, collaborative team of teachers, support and operations staff.

At St Andrew’s Cathedral School we value the difference a great teacher makes. Our expert and deeply committed teachers build strong relationships and focus on the holistic development of both expertise and character.

We are proud to be a school known for a culture of care and support – for both students and staff alike. 

Our teachers have high expectations of student learning, and they know how to design learning to enable a student to move from surface knowledge to deeper understanding and transferable skills. 

We implement world-class educational research in order to deliver a first-rate education. Our rich professional learning community is supported by high quality evidence and coaching resources to inform practice and measure progress. Our staff are experts who are known as innovators in their chosen fields, and their knowledgeable, thoughtful opinions are widely sought within the educational world. 

The School holds conferences, hosts international experts and encourages thought leadership.